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5 Tips to Buy a Commercial Fryer for Your Restaurant

Whether you are planning to start a small scale restaurant, a food truck, or a home cooked food delivery service, a fryer is a must have equipment in your commercial kitchen. So many manufacturers offering a variety of option can make it difficult for foodpreneurs to choose the right fryer and buying one that doesn’t go well with your type of business can be a big trouble!

This article will discuss few quick points to make it easy for food related business owners to choose the right fryer. Let’s get started:

1- Know they type of fryer that best meets your requirements; there’re various types and knowing each can help you have a clear idea of which type to go for, i.e.:

  • Countertop fryer; portable, ideal for mobile food stands and is low cost as well.
  • Open Pot fryer; very easy to clean, the heating element is moveable and can fry bigger batches than the countertop, so ideal for fast food restaurants.
  • Tube fryer; the best option for heavy fried foods (foods that need extra cooking time), not too easy to clean, however, a must have for specialty food restaurants.
  • Hot air fryer; portable, doesn’t require much space, can fry with little to no oil, easy to clean, and can be the best option for a home based food business.

2- Gas vs. electric; this is a very important point while buying a commercial fryer. You must know that with a gas fryer, the oil is heated from the outside, while with an electric fryer, the heating element is dipped in the oil, so an electric fryer uses more energy than gas fryer, but the oil is heated faster with electric fryers. Do not just consider the cost of electricity, but also the optimized timings depending upon your business needs.

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3- Capacity and timers; how much food is needed to be fried is also an important factor, for instance, if your menu includes fast food mainly you need to look for a fryer with better capacity and fast turnaround time, but in case if there are a few fried items on the menu, you can go for a low-cost alternative.

4- Maintenance; commercial fryers require regular maintenance for better performance and an increase life span. So, look for one that doesn’t need extensive labour and materials for maintenance purposes.

5- Cost; last, but now least, the cost is one of the most important factors when it comes to buying a good commercial fryer. Do not compromise on the quality, but as quality comes with a cost which you can reduce considerably if you explore options other than buying from a local shop, i.e. compare prices on eBay, look for restaurants that are closing operation and buy a second hand in good condition.


The Bottom Line:

A Commercial fryer is a must for a food related business and it involves a hefty investment. Take some time to do research at your end and make sure that you are making the right investment!

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.