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5 Tips to Enhance Customer Experience Using Instagram

Whether you are selling physical goods to end users or own a B2B brand that sells digital good or services, images, and a short video can truly enhance your customers’ experience. And, amazing customer experience definitely triggers conversions and sales.

You might have already tried using Instagram, but it seems not working because you are trying everything without a plan. Well, to enhance the customer experience using Instagram, you must have a plan in hand and to create an effective Instagram marketing plan you should know how to optimize you’re the campaigns. This article will discuss most important points to consider when marketing your brand on Instagram.

1- Acquaint yourself with the business side of Instagram; there are a lot of popular individuals on Instagram, but as a business, you cannot do everything that they do. Instagram has lately started their own Instagram for Business blog, which is a must follow resource to stay updated. Moreover, you can also subscribe to Social Media Examiner and Kissmetrics blogs for regular tips and ideas.

2- Devise a content plan; 90% of the digital marketing success depends on the effective content and so is the case with Instagram marketing. Before you start promoting your brand over Instagram, you must have a content plan. Here are few ideas to have effective and result oriented content for your Instagram marketing campaigns:

  • Don’t just post images about your business, rather balance fun images with pictures from your business.
  • Include behind the scene imagery, photos of your employees, and more inside images that your followers will be happy to see.
  • Be flexible in posting, i.e. you don’t need to post on Instagram every day. Research your target audience and post only most of them are active. The best idea is to have a posting schedule!
  • Be creative with the Instagram videos and have at least one video after 25 to 30 images.

3- Nurture a followership; a big number of followers is essential in order for your brand to be heard and seen on by masses, so it’s inevitable to gain followers. You might have come across some companies offering thousands of Instagram followers overnight, but let me tell you that buying inactive followers is not useful. You must attract real people on Instagram and to do so you have to be real from the beginning, i.e. Connect your Facebook account, follow possible prospects, use relevant and popular hashtags and above all use services that help you drive real followers.

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4- Work on improving engagement; it is crucial for any brand to have active and engaged followers. The more engaged followers you have, the farther your message travels which ultimately attracts more people and as a result, you witness growth. Here are few ideas to keep your Instagram followers engaged.

  • Announce a reward based photo contest on Instagram.
  • Use Facebook status updates to encourage your fans to enter your Instagram photo contest.
  • Find trending hashtag relevant to your business and include them in your posts. Do it on regular basis.
  • Like others’ photos and leave comments.

5- Track, evaluate & reorganize; just like the above four points, it is crucial to track the engagement on all of your posts and find out what your followers like best. Based on the analytics data, you should modify your upcoming content and posting strategy on regular basis.

The Bottom Line:

The above are just a few tips to use Instagram for enhancing online presence for your business. You may need to educate yourself on a regular basis if Instagram marketing is one of the key areas of your digital marketing plan.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.