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5 Top Rated Vans for Small Business Owners

For several small businesses, vans are basically the gears that keep the company functioning as it should. Whether they are needed to carry tools or equipment from one place to another, or even transport hard-working staff members, some businesses are genuinely unable to function without these vehicles. 

However, selecting the most appropriate van for your business can be a tricky task when considering that there are a few aspects that you should take into account; such as mileage, towing capacity, cargo space, and other types of features your business may need.

To help you determine the best business vehicle for your small business, we have carefully selected 5 top-rated vans that would be best for small businesses.

1- Mercedes Sprinter

This charming van comes with an extremely impressive rating as it is most suitable for heavy-duty work. Although it may be a bit pricier compared to other options. However, you will get your money worth considering the high mileage and the large loading capacity.

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In addition to this, the van is also equipped with quite a few alluring features that will make the purchase well worth the price. Alternatively, if purchasing a van outright is just not the best solution for your small business, you could evaluate the affordable solution of leasing a van with

2- Nissan NV Cargo

The NV Cargo is genuinely able to offer small business owners peace of mind through reliability as the second-best van of the year. You will also be able to take advantage of fantastic cargo space, and the vehicle boasts incredible fuel efficiency for a petrol van.

What’s more, the van is notably low maintenance which means even purchasing the vehicle would be a wise decision.

3- Chevrolet Express

This van promises a towing capacity of about 10,000 pounds along with a payload capacity of over 4,000 pounds. Even though the Chevrolet Express may lack the cargo space and traction control features, it is possibly the best option for buyers after low maintenance and reliability.

Furthermore, it may also be a fantastic choice for small businesses looking to brand business vehicles as a marketing tactic considering this van allows personalization to both the interior and the exterior.

4- Ford Transit

If you’re after a business van that can boast great safety features and more than enough cargo space, then the Ford Transit is for you. This van is quite smooth to handle and offers a few notable features. For more information, you can check out the Tourneo winners.

5 Dodge Ram ProMaster

Even though the Dodge ProMaster may be last on the list, it would still be an incredibly great choice considering the low initial cost of the vehicle, as well as the cargo capacity, seems quite impressive. However, the only relevant downfall appears to be the lack of reliability in comparison to other vans in this category.

Although some useful features include front-wheel drive and a rather wide door opening that would be useful for loading up products or equipment when necessary. Considering the low reliability this vehicle may be best for small businesses that won’t be demanding too much from their van.

Wrapping it up…

Choosing the right vehicle for your business matters most, when it comes to long term planning. Choose wisely, save costs and increase profits. I am sure, the above list will help you make the right decision.

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