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5 Traditional Direct Marketing Efforts That Actually Improve Conversion Rates

As business owners work to  generate new leads and boost their conversion rates, traditional marketing efforts should not be overlooked. While the internet era has given rise to many online advertising tactics, conventional marketing efforts are still attracting  customer attention in many unique forms.

In many cases, traditional efforts are easier to deploy and more cost-effective than digital marketing options. If you are interested in the top traditional direct marketing efforts that boost conversion rates, continue reading this post. 

1- Television Broadcast

One of the most popular forms of traditional marketing is through television broadcasts. Television programs attract thousands of users on a daily basis. In between programs, numerous commercials are played promoting a variety of products, businesses, and events.

TV allows users to visualize product to better understand its functional uses and benefits. Targeted commercials have the potential to reach the largest amount of potential viewers compared to most other traditional marketing efforts. At the same time, promoted television ads contribute to business credibility, as well as enhancing your word of mouth marketing.

With TV ads, you can quickly convert unfamiliar audiences into routine customers. If you are looking to deploy traditional marketing efforts to boost your conversion rate, consider running a television broadcast. 

2- Print Media

If you are looking for traditional efforts, consider print media options. Print media encompasses flyers, brochures, magazines, or newspapers. Even as print media declines in readers, its visibility is still undeniable.

Magazines or newspapers are strategically placed throughout grocery stores, book shops, and city bodegas. Flyers and brochures are conveniently offered at shopping center entrances, visitor centers, or community events. You can even send flyers to specific customers using a highly effective direct mail marketing strategy.

These strategic placement options ensure that print advertisements are frequently able to catch consumer attention. With eye-catching or appealing print ads, you will likely see an immediate impact on your customer conversion rate and sales as a whole. 

3- Postcard Marketing 

Use a postcard marketing strategy in order to target your customers directly through mail. Create custom design templates for your promotional messages that feature your company logo. Include brief information about your business, the products or services you provide, and authentic customer testimonials.

At the same time, you may want to include a coupon or incentive to encourage recipients to follow your call to action. Postcard providers can help you create a number of unique features that stress your products, business history, reviews, or design. With properly designed formatting, you can ensure that a postcard marketing strategy will have an “overnight” effect on your conversion rates.. 

4- Highway Billboards

Billboards are one of the quickest ways to get increased visibility to your brand, products, or services. Highway billboards stress bright colors, unique images, and logos rather text to gain drivers’ attention. Highways outside of major metropolitan areas attract thousands of drivers on a daily basis.

A large billboard highlighting your business logo will almost immediately help you reach a bigger, specific audience. If you are using a highway billboard to advertise your physical business location, ensure you include directions from the billboard location.

Highway billboard can quickly help your marketing attract new customers. If you are considering traditional marketing efforts in order to boost your conversion rate, consider utilizing highway billboards. 

5- Cold Calling

A frequently overlooked traditional marketing tactics is cold calling, or telemarketing. Cold calling puts you directly in contact with potential customers, many of which you would not reach otherwise. You can affordably conduct, or even outsource cold calling services for your business.

Utilize cold calling to provide potential customers with an in-depth overview of your services, as well as a clear call to action. Consider offering unique promotions or incentives in order to make purchases more appealing. In many cases, telemarketing creates strong strong B2C relationships with previously unfamiliar audiences.

If you are looking to boost your conversion rate through traditional marketing efforts, consider cold calling prospective customers.

The Bottom Line

Businesses looking to boost their conversion rate through marketing campaigns, should not overlook the value of direct traditional marketing. Run a television commercial that explains your products functions, benefits, and features an endorsement. Look to postcard marketing to create unique designs delivered directly to prospective customers.

Print media solutions and highway billboards put you in contact with thousands of unfamiliar audience members on a daily bases. Furthermore, consider the value of cold calling as a cost-effective method to boost conversions. If you are interested in the top traditional direct marketing efforts that boost conversion rate, consider the points mentioned above. 

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