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5 Trending Digital Marketing Mediums Startups Must Not Miss in 2019

Digital marketing has entirely changed the way business was conducted a decade ago and there are constant upgrades that allow efficiency, profitability and sustainable growth, Digital marketing includes e-mail marketing, online advertising, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing and optimization, PPC advertising, social media, and much more, and each medium has its own perks.

With enhanced online technologies and ongoing research and analysis in the field of online marketing, businesses now have the opportunity to reach out to more potential customers or clients than ever before. However, without knowing the latest trends, it’s difficult to make it to the top.

To better ensure your digital marketing success, you must equip yourself and your marketing team with the trending methods and new techniques. This article will discuss the five most important and trending digital marketing methods successful businesses are using today to improve their profitability. Here it goes:

1- Personalized Advertisements

The best digital marketing agencies know that consumers these days don’t fall for those robotic, generated advertisements anymore. The latter seem spammy, forceful, and often, unconvincing. These days, people are attracted to authentic, relatable advertisements that feature a conversational, friendly tone.

In the digital marketing world, personalization can also come in the form of using a recipient’s personal name in e-mails you send them, offering customization of products or services, and creating advertisement campaigns that gear towards a specific target audience.

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2- Chatbots

Prospective customers and clients typically want an instantaneous way to get the support and communication they need. With AI-based chatbots, they can get exactly that thanks to 24/7 automated responses. With fast communication via these bots, consumers will be more likely to opt for your product or service rather than go elsewhere.

3- Influencer Recommendations

Influencer marketing is a highly effective form of word-of-mouth marketing provided by, hence the name, influencers such as singers, actors and actresses, and others in the public eye. Businesses pay influencers to recommend their products to their followers.

Although celebrities have been used in advertisements and commercials for many years, businesses in 2019 are now frequently partnering with celebrities to post photos or videos on their personal social media accounts recommending their products.

4- Videos & Live Broadcasts

Consumers want an in-depth, visual look into the product or service they’re considering. With videos or live broadcasts on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook, businesses tend to receive a better conversion rate as consumers feel safer and more confident buying something after seeing it in video format as opposed to merely pictures.

5- Social Media Stories

Stories on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have become a quick, modern, and personal way to deliver information or share content with others in a predominantly visual manner. These stories are often only available for 24 hours, and from your end, you often can see who saw your story or “visual status.” Stories can often be shared, interacted with, and/or responded to.


If you want to take a lead in digital marketing in 2019, consider trying personalized advertisements, chatbots, influencer recommendations, videos or live broadcasts, and/or social media stories. In the long run, keeping up the latest digital marketing trends can help you achieve the most success in finding new customers or clients to support your business.

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