5 Trends in Advertising You Should Use for Your Marketing Strategy

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If watching the Super Bowl each year hasn’t tipped you off already, you should know that trends in advertising evolve each year.

The question is, what are the trends for 2019 and how can you incorporate them into your business’s marketing strategy?

Here are 5 impactful trends in advertising you need to be aware of to get ahead in 2019.

5 Impactful Trends in Advertising for 2019

The fact of the matter is, the generation your business is now marketing to has probably never experienced life without a smart device. 

Advances in social media and technology have opened up a wide world of wonderful advertising possibilities.

1- Content Still Reigns Supreme

We know, we know, we just said that the world of advertising is changing. So is the old adage, “content is king” still true? The answer is:


With millions of consumers on social media sifting through blog posts, how-to videos, and other perfectly-tailored-to-them bits of content, you better believe that the quality of your content is what will ultimately set you apart.

To accomplish this, research your ideal target audience and narrow in on your niche.

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Produce content that is valuable, interesting, and needful to those you most wish to reach. Where there is value, there will be consumers.

2- Hit Up Voice Search

39 million Americans use “hey Siri” or “ask Alexa” for everything from finding directions to ordering pizza. 

If your business hasn’t created a robust marketing strategy for appealing to Amazon and Google search bots, it’s time to get one. Your product or service should be easy to find by these websites so that voice search is more likely to offer your business as an answer.

3- Create Short Videos

SnapChat, Youtube, Instagram, and endless other social platforms rely heavily, (if not completely), on video to present messages. 

Reach your audience by turning just about any appropriate message you can into a video. Demonstrate product uses, explain information, present promotions.

Just be sure you do it quickly, i.e. your video content should be short yet convincing. When users are scrolling through a social media newsfeed, you only have a matter of seconds to catch their eye and keep their attention. 

4- Use Contextual Advertising

In 2019 changes will be implemented, thanks to GDPR, preventing businesses from gathering information about consumers without their “explicit consent.” This means advertising to your consumers will be much more difficult.

This is where contextual advertising comes in. 

Create a profile and educated guess about the interests and habits of your potential customers based on the context clues you gather from the sites they visit.

5- Utilize Chat

The ability to interact directly with a brand through instant messaging or chat is becoming a standard expectation for many Gen Z consumers. 

Apart only from offering the best free conference call to customers, the more accessible you make your brand via chat, the more likely customers are to trust you. 

Utilizing chat-bots, instant messaging, or whatever method you prefer to speak with customers directly will go a long way in allowing you to inform customers, answer their questions, and make them feel more able to identify with your brand.

 More Advertising Specifics

Now that you have a jist of 5 trends in advertising your business’s marketing strategy shouldn’t be without, it’s time to get started.

For more specifics on how to successfully implement these trends, check out our post on 4 video marketing essentials to get your video marketing game up to speed. 

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