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5 Ways Audio Transcription Can Improve Your Business

Audio transcription is the conversion of audio or video files to text format. Most organizations around the world are increasingly using transcription services for their business operations. Big organizations and small startups benefit from accurate, fast transcription services. These services assist businesses in safely maintaining and keeping important company information.

There are various reasons businesses use transcription services and here are 5 ways audio transcription can improve your business.

1- Transcription provides a content variety

The beauty of digital communication is that it gives the business owner opportunities to provide their information in different ways. Videos provide a visual appeal and are a great way of communication where illustrations are required. Audio gives the listeners an option of listening to the audio while working on other things.

By transcribing your audios or videos, you give your listeners a chance to read your text. Interestingly, this is still the most preferred method of absorbing knowledge for most people. Another reason most people prefer transcripts is that they are easier to share compared to audios and videos.

Some communication means like email usually has file capacity limit thus, it may be difficult to share large video and audio files through emails. One option of sharing large video and audio files is by using links to where they are saved but most people don’t like opening the links. Any important company information may not be relayed if the recipient does not open the link. Additionally, text communication can be saved in various formats creating more options for reference purpose.

2- Complements your SEO strategy

Offering videos and podcasts on your website without text or very little text may be a reason your website may not rank high on search engines. Thanks to the Internet, most customers search for information online from websites compared to visiting offices or making phone calls. It is, therefore, essential to have an appealing website that is easily visible on search engines.

If you transcribe audio file to text it would help your website rank better on search engines. Transcribing your audios to text gives search engines better access to your content and this helps to increase your search visibility through including keywords in your text.

Other search engines like Google is not able to capture video or audio files the way they do with text. Transcription gives search engines data to index your content which helps your website visitors learn more about what you offer. Furthermore, if you add text content to your video it increases its
search ranking on YouTube.

3- Text is a one of the most preferred means of communication

Most people are not able to consume audio content due to various reasons like being in a noisy environment that makes listening difficult, time limitation, or they simply prefer text content. People who have busy work schedules may not have the time to listen to long audios or videos to get the information they need.

Text communication is most preferred for ease of access and can be safely saved for future references. Transcribe audio file to text to have more people access your content. Through text content, you attract more people to your website, and this increases your website revenue.

4- Have your content accessible to people with disabilities

In business, every customer matters. According to Hearing Loss association on America, there are about 30 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss. You may not be able to reach customers that have hearing problems if your communication is through audio or video only. By transcribing your audio to text, you enable this group of customers to have access to your content.

Additionally, you can add text to your video content, and this way they are able to grasp the information you are sharing through the video.

5- Increase average time on site

Audio and video files consume more data and many people may not bother listening to the information to save on data. Your visitors may not want to be frustrated by slow downloads if they try to download your audios or videos on a slow network.

Many visitors may be attracted to a website because of its text content since many people prefer reading compared to listening. While they are at it, they may be attracted to other content they may be interested in reading, this way they get to spend more time on your website and this gives them an opportunity to search for more information they may be interested in reading, and in the process they may land on adverts running on your website.

If you do not have transcription services for your business, it’s time to give it a thought to add more value to your business.

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