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5 Ways Display Marketing Plays a Key Role in Business Segments

Since there are many forms of traditional and modern advertising, businesses must ensure that they choose the best method to reach audiences and generate the desired response. Before placing an advert in any media, one must consider its relevancy, visual appeal, and the best location that will maximize exposure.

The number of internet and social media users has increased dramatically. As a result, markets have come up with different ways to reach the vast and ever-growing online audiences such as display marketing.

Display marketing is a form of online marketing that uses visual messages in the form of banners, videos, animations, logos, photographs, and other graphics to reach target audiences. This approach to advertising brings in lots of benefits to businesses that go far beyond visibility and targeting.

Benefits of Display Marketing

Display advertising reminds your target audience of your existence without annoying them. Here are its main benefits.

1- Increased customer engagement

Interactive media such as trade show banners have been shown to boost customer engagement. This, in turn, increases conversions by up to 28%. When used on websites, banners and other forms of display advertising can boost traffic by 15%.  

2- Increased customer responsiveness

91% of customers prefer interactive media over the traditional text-based or statistic media. This means that with display advertising, you get the attention of more than 90% of your target audience. Besides, most customers use their mobile phones to access content on your website and social media.

Using images not only breaks the monotony of text for these users, but it also adds to the aesthetics of your posts. Due to the increased preference for mobile internet, search engines give better rankings to web pages that use interactive media.

3- Boosts brand awareness and visibility

Usually, display ads are branded, enabling customers to gather information about your brand by simply looking at an image. If you use paid display ads, users can click the link to your landing page and learn more about your business. Display ads to appear on websites also allow you to appear on websites that are related to your offer ad, which boosts visibility.

4- Provides data

Display advertising enables you to measure the success of your marketing activities using tools such as Google Analytics. For instance, if you are advertising a company that recycles electronics or one that buys old mobile phones such as Swiftechbuy, you can check how many times your ads have been clicked and know if you are getting the most out of them.

5- Supports retargeting

Display advertising allows for ad retargeting. This means that you can put up the same ad for people who have previously visited your website. With a retargeted display ad, you can convey important information, such as contact information, to people who have seen your ads and are still considering doing business with you.

When creating a display ad, ensure that you use your brand colors and appropriate language. Every piece you create should include images that have no clutter, and a call-to-action to help boost your click-through rates. Remember to target your topic and keywords to ensure that the ad reaches the right people.

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