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5 Ways to Achieve Balance as a Mompreneur

No doubt, motherhood is one of the most physically and emotionally demanding jobs and off course rewarding too. However, being a mompreneur is toughest of all and the most common concern of all the mompreneurs is to have a balance between work and home.
Being very straight forward, let me tell you that there is nothing like balance that exists. No one can help you bring a readily available balance. You have to find your own balance depending on your situation, i.e. with a newborn you have different priorities, a toddler needs different level of attention, things totally change when he’s running here and there and you will have all new responsibilities with a school going baby.
This article aims to identify five major steps in targeted directions in which you can manage balance between work and home. Let’s start;

1- Baby is Most Important; We all work for them but it doesn’t mean to leave them unattended in the race. Let’s start from the morning when baby wakes up, and wrapping up at the day end when he goes to sleep, you are the most important person he wants to see and talk to. So be available at these two times at least keeping everything else aside. Step 2 will guide you on how to manage the importance.

2- A Flexible Timetable Works; Being flexible means not having stringent schedules at all. Knowing the fact that in order to keep a balance you must know the exact amount of work you can deliver each day you should make a list of to dos in the morning and close the list by the day end.

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3- Using Technology; Use of smartphones and tablets makes it easier for you to optimize your work and maintain efficiency. Similarly using the software specific for your industry, like Quickbooks, Hootsuite and so on let you have more freedom by saving loads of your time. Do check these productivity hacks for entrepreneurs.

4- Having a Babysitter; You might not need one with a newborn as they are sleeping most of the time, but as baby starts growing his waking time starts expanding too and he needs full time attention as well. Hiring a babysitter for a few hours a day saves lot of your time which you can spend productively in your business.

5- Dad’s Backup Role; Baby do need daddy to play with him for a couple of hours daily. This is the time you can make productive use of. So make schedules accordingly.

Depending on your business model, your physical fitness and the family setup you may optimize the plans accordingly. The above guidelines are meant particularly for the setup where both husband and wife are working. Mompreneurs in joint family systems (mainly in case of Asian mompreneurs) have some advantages and disadvantages which we will discuss sometime later. You may also consider outsourcing when needed.

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