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5 Ways to Get Targeted Instagram Followers for Your Personal Brand & Startup

While Instagram is only available in the iOS platform, has shown incredible growth and has become one of the all-time popular apps. In a short ten months, Instagram has been able to secure over 6 million users and is not showing any signs of slowing down.

Instagram is a rather easy service to use, where most people have issues is trying to get the right followers. While it is typically impossible to gain thousands of followers quickly, we do have some tips that will help you gain the followers you need.

1- Upload the Best Photographs

If you are looking for a way to gain popularity on Instagram, there is one simple trick: take incredible pictures! People want to see photos that are attractive, unique, and tend to tell a story. While you may enjoy taking thousands of pictures of your dog or every single meal, that breeds boredom and is a surefire way to lose your fan base much less grow it.

You want to be selective when posting your photos on Instagram. There is no need to keep your feed busy 24/7, choose only the best of the best. Likewise, you will not want to post a stream of all your best work at once or there is a chance it may go unnoticed. Other people just get aggravated with that much content in their stream.

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Many times when you post fewer pictures, people become more curious about you. This way when someone happens to see you name elsewhere on Instagram and they click it, they will see your most recent pictures. Does it not seem like a better idea for someone to check out incredible photos than a long line of blurry shots at the beach?

2- Know What Works

In order to make your job easier, there are several tools that you can use to see what is working on Instagram right now. One of the easiest is to check out the “popular” tab and see what is trending there.

Aside from the majority of selfies that you will find on the site, there are some common themes you will see. Typically, some of the most popular pictures will have bright colors, interesting contrasts, as well as unique angles. You will even notice quite a bit of subtle humor on the site, which shows you can go different ways.

Many people will take this as a license to copy the other users are doing on Instagram. This is something you will not want to do. Instead take the time to choose the best elements and integrate them into your own work.


Another way to gauge your success is to analyze the statistics that Instagram provides. The statistics that are given to you will show you various historical data about your account. One of the most important statistics to view is the one that shows you how many “likes” each of your photos has received over time. You want to find the most popular among your stream to try and replicate those circumstances for other uploads.

Many marketers will push utilizing an online tool for Instagram such as Instamacro. This tool is one that makes the whole process of getting more followers a lot easier. Simply, create a campaign and it will auto like and follow accounts at a pace of your choice, as you would do manually. In turn, these accounts follow back, helping grow your following grow and your business’s social media efforts improve.

You can also try some tools like Social 10x that offer quick follower gain, but make sure not to buy too many at once as it will not only look un-natural, but will also not deliver the targeted results for your brand. Ideally, you should gain 500 fast followers from such tools and build 1000 natural followers in parallel. This way your brand will have a significant following as well as a broader reach.

3- Use Popular Hashtags

You may be use to using hashtags on social platforms such as Twitter, are you using them on Instagram? By giving your photos the right tags you are creating an optimal way for people to find them. An example of this would be taking a picture of a stunning skyline and tagging it with the hashtag #sky. This will allow your picture to be shown with many other similar pictures.


It is impossible to know which are the most popular tags on Instagram! However, you can check out other sites such as Webstagram which will show you what is popular. Looking on Instagram right now, one of the most popular tags is #iphoneography. This tag could be used in several instances which will help bring your posts to the forefront of Instagram. Some of the other popular tags include #sunset, #flower, #sky, #cats, and #dog. When you use the appropriate hashtags it is going to increase the opportunity for you photos to be seen by thousands.

If you have photographs on Instagram are not hashtagged, go back and create ones. Many times, you will see an increase in the number of likes and follows that you are getting. This can work on images that have been posted several months to a year ago and see a new surge of followers in your account.

4- Follow Other Users

One of the best ways to grow your account is to take the time and follow the right kind of people. For instance if you are a marketer, you may find the businesses as your target audience, while if you are a startup focusing on latest fashion trends, follow some authority fashionistas!

Don’t act like you are on Twitter and randomly follow anyone. Many times by following likeminded individuals it will help your profile to get noticed, but know the fact that there are no guarantees that this will work.


Don’t go wild and start following anyone in hopes that they will return. Take the time to look at the profiles and find people whom you can benefit from.

5- Geotag Your Pictures

Just as hashtags are an important way of having people find your pictures, geotagging is an excellent way to categorize your content. Instagram has developed a specific page for pictures that have been given a geotarget.


This means that all images within this location will show up on a specific page. Many times, they will follow your picture to your profile and you will get an easy follow.

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