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5 Ways to Keep a Startup Team Motivated

Lack of team motivation is one of the biggest problems with almost all startups. The teams lose motivation very often, not because they don’t like the work but mainly because the business is at its threshold and needs to go long way to be successful.

On the other hand, initially motivated individuals when they start assuming that this startup business is not going to do well; they feel de-motivated and think of alternative options.

motivation 1

To keep your startup healthy, you must make sure that your team is highly motivated and to do so, you must spot the demotivation right where it occurs. So, the first step is to identify demotivation. In general, demotivation can be seen as:

  • Decreased productivity.
  • Absentees.
  • Longer lunch and teas breaks.
  • Personality and behavioural changes.
  • Customers’ complaints against an individual or team.

So, if you observe any of the above symptoms in your startup, that’s possibly due to employee’s lack of motivation.

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top 5 tips

The next step is fix the problem, by motivating employees in the way they need to be. To do so, you may go for following options.

1- Provide consistent updates to the team:

Share periodic updates including achievements, challenges etc. across the organization. You need to have a strong communication with all of your employees in order to build better relationship with them.

2- Let them speak:

Give all of your employees a platform to where they can communicate publicly as well as privately.

3- Be proactive:

If you identify and concerns within a group of individual, proactively address it to them and make changes according to the situation.

4- Hire smartly:

Spend time in recruiting and do not hire just experts but people who bring in value to the business. If you don’t have time for hiring, let an expert do it for you.

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5- Know the tricks and techniques:

Keeping up a healthy startup team requires you to know the techniques and reading is a great way to know those.

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Employees losing motivation is normal, but if the entrepreneur himself falls short of motivation, it’s definitely going to the death of startup.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.