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5 Ways to Maintain Employees’ Productivity During Pandemic

The year 2020 did not start as well as we all might have planned. People have had to change their lifestyles and way of working and had to adapt to new ways of doing things. As people have gradually started getting used to this new normal, things have begun to settle in.

However, with the second wave hitting most countries and some countries preparing for another lockdown, our motivation levels are getting lower by the day. No one knows how long this work-from-home situation will last, and this has started to take a toll on both employers and employees.

employee productivity

Business owners are struggling with keeping their workers motivated and ensuring their productivity during work hours. If you are a business owner who is worried about your employees’ productivity while they work from home, this article would be great for you. You can make use of these tips to ensure that your business does not lag during these stressful times.

1. Invest in an Employee Monitoring App

Gone are the days when business owners had to invest in surveillance cameras to manage their employees. These cameras can only cover limited areas.

Employees have also found loopholes in this system and can work their way around it. With most companies getting forced to continue work from home, employee monitoring apps are the best investment business owners can make to keep a vigilant eye on their employees.

The best part about these apps is that employers can manage them remotely.

One of the most popular and trusted employee monitoring apps these days is XNSPY. It has a unique variety of features that covers everything that employers need to monitor their workers efficiently.

It is also one of the most affordable monitoring apps. The price of the basic package is USD 4.99 per month, and the cost of the premium package is USD 7.49 per month.

The installation of the app requires five minutes, and their 24/7 customer service is available to guide you through each step of installation.

All you have to do is install the XNSPY employee monitoring app on all the work phones and tablets that you have provided your employees. All further monitoring can be done remotely.

App Features to Ensure Productivity

Let us have a look at some of its features and how they would help in keeping the productivity levels of your workers up.

employee productivity

Monitor all emails

By using the app, employers can monitor all sent and received emails on the monitored device. Email abuse is a common practice these days, and many employees get fired because of leaking confidential information to rival companies via email. Using this feature, employers can keep a check on what data is shared in the emails. It provides you with accurate date and time stamps for the emails.

Monitor employees’ web browsing

No employer would want their workers to use their precious working hours watching videos or playing online games. XNSPY allows you to view your employees’ web browsing history and bookmarked sites on the monitored device. Working from home may tempt workers to stray away from work, however, if they know that their online activities are getting monitored, they might not misuse it.

Track call logs and download calls

With the app, you can view the complete call log of the monitored device. It includes all the incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. You can also record and download the phone calls to listen to them at your convenience. Since meetings are now all on the phone, you can listen to the recordings. You will get to know how well your employees are communicating with your clients.

GPS tracker

If you doubt that your employees are not telling the truth about their location, you can use the GPS-tracking feature to find out the exact location of the monitored device. You can check to see if they are at home in their workplace or out running some other errands.

Watchlist alert

This feature lets employers set keywords-based alerts on monitored devices. The alerts could be suspicious words such as rival companies’ names, locations, or contact numbers. It will notify you every time the alerts get used on the monitored device.

Track messages

The app gives you access to all the sent and received messages on the monitored device. You can use the feature to ensure that the employees do not share any confidential information with anyone.

2. Invest in your Employees’ Home Office Equipment

Productivity is definitely affected when an employee has no access to professional equipment. They might not have access to speedy internet, a comfortable desk and chair to work on, and a smooth working computer.

You can rule this out by giving proper office equipment that your employee would need to work efficiently. It would also keep them motivated to produce better results.

employee productivity

3. Encourage Group Therapy Sessions

These times are difficult for everyone and can take a toll on the mental health of many employees who may be away from their families during the lockdown. By conducting weekly group therapy sessions with a certified therapist, the employee’s mental health would improve, thus affecting the productivity positively.

4. Offer Awards or Bonuses to the Best Worker

For instance, the employee who does the maximum number of sales can get an appreciation email along with a token gift. It would enhance the competitive spirit of the employees and make them more motivated to produce better results.

5. Conduct Physical exercise Sessions

Many employees feel lethargic and not energetic mentally or physically during the pandemic. Companies can hire a Zumba or yoga trainer who can conduct an hour-long session every day on Zoom for all the employees. Physical health is necessary for the brain to function effectively and would surely make the productivity levels of the workers go up. It would also help in building team bonds. As face-to-face interaction at work is not possible these days, these team building activities are a fun way to build trust.

By implementing all these steps, you will surely increase the productivity levels of your employees. They would also respect you more for putting in the effort for them. It would also evoke a feeling of loyalty amongst the employees. All the positivity would be beneficial for both parties.

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