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5 Ways to Steal the Spotlight at Your Next Trade Show

Are trade shows an integral part of your marketing plan? From smaller niche events to massive industry-wide summits, trade shows and expos can be excellent sources of new qualified business and brand exposure.

As with any other form of marketing, the success of trade shows relies on the results you see from each event. If you’re not bringing people over to your booth to learn more about what you have to offer, you’re not making the most of your audience, even if you attend a packed show,

Here, we’re sharing our insider tips to help you steal the spotlight at your next trade show and attract the right people to your booth. From contests and digital signs to free WiFi and free products, keep reading to learn the five most creative ways to be seen.

1) Capture Attention with a Digital Sign

While most booths will have large cardboard signage displayed at their booth, these are so common that they’re easy to glaze over without really noticing. But what if you could catch attendees’ eyes with bright, bold displays that change over time?  Rather than commit to a static display screen, you could employ the use of a digital sign.

According to OmniAlly, a digital signage solutions company, these signs have LCD displays that can change on a rotation or as needed to pitch your brand, and they certainly stand out from the average display.

2) Entertain Attendees with Games

Trade shows are for work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun.

One way to draw a crowd around your booth is by using a game. For example, people love raffles, quizzes, and other contests. Try collecting tickets for a raffle on a full-sized product or full service of choice. You can use the information collected on the tickets to create a list of qualified leads for your company as well.

Another idea is a quiz game that tests attendees on their knowledge of your niche, product, or service. If they know their stuff, they get a piece of candy. If they don’t, they get the lowdown on the correct answers and still walk away with some chocolate.

3) Offer Free Wi-Fi As a Draw

While many trade shows offer WiFi to their attendees and promoters, it’s often only available in one part of the event center. This can become inconvenient for buyers and business leaders who need to get work done in between booth visits.

Because of this, offering a WiFi hotspot at your booth is a great way to reel in attendees without a hard sell. While they get to work, you’ll have the opportunity to chat them up about their interest in your brand in a more natural way.

4) Give Away Free Branded Products

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Branded products like pens, notepads, and water bottles are classic gifts you can find at trade shows. But what about eye masks for the flight home, sunglasses, emergency kits, or even mini bottles of booze?

By thinking outside the box, you can provide products with more functionality that your attendees are more likely to remember.

5) Create a Lounge Space

Finally, you can draw in the weary attendees by creating a comfortable, relaxing lounge space at your booth. Trade shows are busy, high-stress events. By providing a lounge space, you’re inviting the attendees to kick back with you and find some peace amongst the madness. Plus, while you both chill out, you can spark up a conversation and make genuine connections.

Be the Stand-Out Booth Next Time Around

If you want to make the most of your trade show exposure, you’ve got to take your booth to the next level. With so many different brands to compete with, try any one of the ideas above to get a leg up over the competition and drive engagement.

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