5 Ways to Upgrade Your Business Security System

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With so many of us working from home during this pandemic, it is more important than ever to properly secure your business premises. With very few of us entering the workplace and even fewer of us staying there for a full day, businesses have become an even bigger target than before.

We have compiled a handy list of 5 ways you can upgrade your business security system to give you peace of mind for when you are at the office and, more importantly, for when you are not.

1- Digitize Inventory and Registries

There are quite a few companies out there who still do not have digital asset registries and inventories. This poses a great security risk to your company.

Limit access to these areas with thumbprint or retinal scanning equipment is one thing but having digital cloud-based data will allow the required personnel, across many fields and industries, to access relevant inventories and registries online in secure and encoded places.

2- Latest and Greatest

With technology constantly improving and business security systems evolving enormously in recent years, now is the perfect time to upgrade your entire system to the latest and greatest system on offer in the market today. There is a vast difference in older systems and technology when compared to the modern, tech-savvy system you should have installed.

If you have even the slightest doubt in your current system, then it is time to upgrade. This is especially relevant if you have expanded your premises but you have not updated your security alarm system. You can easily call in the experts who will gladly assess and inspect your current system and advise you on the best, budget-friendly way forward for your business security needs.

3- Device Management

Despite the countless ways around losing data and having vital information leaked, there are still many companies who have not implemented adequate device management protocols to avoid catastrophes in the event of theft of mobile phones, computers, tablets, and laptops.

Make sure you are able to wipe all sensitive information clean off any stolen devices and maintain data privacy if the worst happens.

4- Perimeter Security

Make sure your business adds a way to improve the security in terms of who does or does not have access to your premises. This is an especially relevant point for those companies who store sensitive information on site or those businesses with critical infrastructure that needs extra protection.

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The best way to keep these, and most companies, safe and secure is to restrict the number of ways people can enter your business premises. Upgrade your closed-circuit television system to establish a more secure perimeter.

Having guards, locks and access-controlled doors will all go a long way in protecting your business, but effective perimeter security is paramount in establishing and maintaining a safe business space.

5- Cybersecurity

In this day and age, it is absolutely imperative to have the best cybersecurity available. This does not just extend to firewalls and data encryption but starts from the humble server room. Access should not just be controlled to the overall premises but especially to your server room. This is the brains of your company and where your backups are mostly stored.

Guard this area with particular vigilance. Consistently monitor the activities of the select few staff who do have access to your server room area. It is also imperative that your cybersecurity is up-to-date and relevant to today’s technological threat possibilities.

It is also absolutely imperative that you have a strong an encrypted password to your wife router to make it as impenetrable to outside threats as humanly possible.

Follow these business security basics and you will be well on your way to securing your premises and your business from external intruders – both physically as well as digitally.

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