50DMC Aiming Music Video for Every Song

Did you know that millions of new songs are released each year and 98% of them never get a music video? Only 2% songs get a music video produced because video production is not that easy. It requires expertise and investment.

Musicians create each song with maximum effort, but every song doesn’t get the exposure it deserves, because it lacks the visual content. On the other hand, most of the fans look for visually appealing content while searching for good music.

The solution is to get musicians and filmmakers connected. 50DMC is a platform that connects musicians and filmmakers in more productive way.

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Musicians can produce and distribute creative, high quality music videos by reducing their part of the production costs. All you need to do is to submit a brief; summarizing the critical info and ideas. Once submitted the brief, get ready to receive a number of various pitches containing a style board and a basic story board, go through them and select the one you like most.

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The filmmaker will produce the video based on your requirements and as soon as it’s ready, 50DMC will automatically create a press release and distribute it to all major networks.

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50DMC in Their Own Words:

Musicians lack good exposure, filmmakers need more creative work, music lovers lack great visual content. 50DMC allows musicians and filmmakers to produce music videos that fans love.


What Brings 50DMC to the Spotlight:

It bridges the gap between musician and filmmakers.


50DMC Website: https://www.50dmc.com