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52 Best Places to Promote Your Startup & Get Maximum Exposure

99% of the startups have to market on a tight budget, but this doesn’t mean they will have little exposure. Finding platforms that can give you maximum exposure, either for free or for a very low price is a great way to bring your startup in limelight. Promoting your startup on established websites can help you catch the desired audience in very less time.

There are thousands of websites where you can promote your startup, however, finding all of them is a tedious task which needs bundles of energy and plenty of time. A comparatively smart idea is to promote it to the targeted community only. This way you will save most of your time and effort while getting the best result.

Knowing the fact that how difficult it could be for a startup guy to manage time to find such platforms, we created a list of best places to submit your startup. Most of them are free, while a few may charge a little amount.

52 best places to promote your startup

Check out the list below and enjoy huge promotion for your startup for no or low cost.

1- Aboutyourstartup.Com

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2- Activesearchresults.Com

3- Arcticstartup.Com

4- Betalist.Com

5- Crunchbase.Com

6- Earlist.Co

7- Exactseek.Com

8- Go2web20.Net

9- Gopitch.Co

10- Ideasquares.Com

11- Insidestartups.Org

12- Internet-Startups.Com

13- Justgonelive.Com

14- Killastartups.Com

15- Killerstartups.Com

16- Launch.It

17- Launchingnext.Com

18- Mashable.Com

19- Newbornstartups.Com

20- Publicityx.Com

21- Randomstartup.Org

22- Randomstartup.Org

23- Ratemystartup.Com

24- Rightstartups.Com

25- Startoholics.In

26- Startupbeat.Com

27- Startupbird.Com

28- Startupbuffer.Com

29- Startupdirectory.Com.Au

30- Startupfreak.Com

31- Startupguys.Net

32- Startupli.St

33- Startuplift.Com

34- Startuplister.Com

35- Startupmeme.Com

36- Startupproject.Org

37- Startups.Fm

38- Startupsea.Com

39- Startuptunes.Com

40- Startupwizz.Com

41- Startupworld.Com

42- Submitstart.Com

43- Submityourstartup.Com

44- Sus.Io

45- Techcrunch.Com

46- Thestartuppitch.Com

47- Venturebeat.Com

48- Venturebin.Com

49- Venturevillage.Eu

50- Wakeupstartup.Com

51- Wickedstartups.Com

52- Yourstartups.Com

Now you have a readily available list of websites to promote your startup, make sure to have a great pitch. The more effective marketing pitch you have, the more targeted audience you will attract through these website. The list may not work for you if you have a poor copy, so work on it and best of luck with free promotion!

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.