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55 Productivity Hacks Every Entrepreneur Must Try

The Startup guys do not only have to manage a team of professionals; but to build a successful company. This responsibility comes with a massive workload and limited time to do so.

Being entrepreneur, we all face it multiple times; to have lost focus on the day when we have to focus most.

There are too many things to be done;  you grab your phone start replying to the texts, get engaged on the social and media and the long list of TO DOs remains undone.

Well, there’s nothing to worry about as most of us undergo this situation. However, to deal with the situation more effectively, the best and the most successful entrepreneurs have figured out some  tricks.

With these tips, tricks and hacks you can actually manage your time in a more productive way.

how to be more productive

In search of productivity hacks for entrepreneurs, I read tons of writings and finally managed to compile my own quick list, which I’d like to share with all those entrepreneurs looking to increase productivity by killing the unnecessary distractions.

Staying Fit & Healthy Solves Half of the Problems:

Remember that you can be more productive only and only with a healthy mind and a fit body. So, make sure to do the following:

 1- Sleep enough to have a fresh mind and face. You will get more done if you are active and fresh.

2- Start Your day with a quick exercise. It will keep you more active when you are sitting by increasing your metabolism at rest.

3- Stay hydrated; dehydration may cause a lot of other problems.

4- Manage anxiety; run, swim, dance and it will be over. You may be interested to know the most common entrepreneurial fears and how to overcome the same.

5- Take naps when energy runs low.

6- Eat healthy; there’s nothing better than healthy eating habits!

7- Routinize your diet; Eat on time to let your body accompany your business goals.

8- Prefer delivery over going out for lunch. Or better if you bring your own lunch from home.

9- Get a good daily deal from a trusted healthy food restaurant.

10- Drink one cup of green tea in the afternoon. It will fade out the dizziness after food plus you will feel fresh.

11- Do not eat while watching TV, Facebooking or anything else. Concentrate on the Food only and make sure not to overeat. Eating more and in a hussle can disturb not only your stomach but sleep too.

 Scheduling works perfect; all you need to do is to figure out the importance of tasks and keep schedules accordingly. Using a good project management software or app can greatly increase your productivity.

 12- Do easiest things first. You will notice that most of the stuff is easy and your tension will get halved.

13- Prioritize items on the basis of importance. Do important and urgent first, important and non urgent second and then think about unimportant and non-urgent ones.

 14- Set a daily routine; for most of the stuff that happens on daily basis, like emails, phone calls, follow up meetings with teams and so on.

 15- Avoid indecisive meetings; do meetings only when there has to be some action point. Know what makes up a productive meeting.

 16- Better done than perfect; do it first and you can always tweak later.

Staying tuned to the technology can not only save lot of your time but also the money.

 17- Use productivity apps; you can do most of the stuff while travelling and relaxing.

18- Use Audio Ebooks to save time on reading.

19- Use the keyboard shortcuts.

20- If you cannot write it down, record it.

21- If you cannot read long articles, watch videos and presentations.

22- Outsource small and time consuming tasks, for instance content marketing, social media, software development and so on.

23- Use restoration project management and other tasks related software.

 Maintaining a healthy body, scheduling priorities and making use of technology though solves most of the productivity related issues, but there’re lot of distractions that you need to tackle wisely. Below are some ideas to avoid those distractions.

 24- Define a fashion uniform. Wear it daily and you will not have the problem of “what to wear today”.

25- Wear smart fabrics; you should feel comfortable rather than being trendy.

26- Always carry an all-occassion outfit with you; just in case if you need to drop by in an event.

27- Discard clothes and accessories that you are no more using.

 Besides the non work related distractions, there are some distractions that come with work. Since, these are work related we better call them non-productive tasks rather than calling them distractions. Dealing the non-productive tasks is easy if you place them in schedule and allot them time slots when you are all done with the productive tasks. Besides that following can help increasing the efficiency.

 28- Limit email replies to one per minute.

29- Do not answer an email if you cannot understand what it is asking.

30- Tune out the news; nothing important happens most of the time.

31- Do not answer the cell phone unless it’s a true emergency.

So we are done with most of the tricks to tackle things down and increase productivity, however, there’s always a room for improvement. Below are some more hacks that are more of mind and planning related. Adding these points in your planning process can really help to device and effective plan and organize an efficient execution of the same.

 32- Visualize your end product.

33- Start before you feel ready, avoid chicken-and-egg.

34- Assume you are right, when in doubt. Decisive is productive.

35- If you have a mind block, make a mind map.

36- Keep the 80/20 rule; 20% of work produces 80% of results.

37- Focus on important, suppress the urgent.

38- Decide the outcome before starting.

39- Maintain an idea bank, in the form of an excel sheet.

40- Eliminate non-productive decisions from daily routine.

41- Learn to ignore; it’s not necessary to respond to everything.

42- Treat time as money; if this is your business, calculate the salary you are paying to yourself for your work.

43- Do the things you are best at; get the other stuff done by relevant experts.

44- Maintain a deadline for each of your tasks and do your best to meet the deadlines.

45- Use sticky notes or other reminders.

46- Show up to the office earlier than anyone else, and you will see increased productivity not just within you, but in the whole team.

47- Find a mentor earlier, it will move things faster than you can think of.

48- Marry the right person; yes you need a partner who doesn’t just understand your commitments, but also backs you up when you need help!

49- Make sure, you get one day completely free in a week.

50- Cut down your personal social media addiction.

51- Do not multi-task; focus on wrapping one task up and then open the next.

52- Keep your surroundings pleasant, airy and hygienic.

53- Learn to delegate; you can save lot of time for most important tasks this way.

54- Use the whiteboard.

55- Keep on changing your workspace.

 So, are you ready to be more productive? Start applying the above hacks and you will certainly see a huge difference!

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