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6 Apps Aviation Geeks Need to Know About

Airplanes in flight can be fascinating to watch, but there are plenty of other ways to keep up with aviation. Modern smartphone apps allow fans of heavier-than-air flight to become more informed than was previously conceivable.

Moreover, these apps can also be effectively used by aviation and travel related businesses to improve efficiency and offer better customer services.

Whether you are an aviation geek want to explore some new apps or want to turn your love for industry into a business, download any of the six apps that follow. And, you will see why many regard this as the golden area of aviation geekery.

All of the following apps have something interesting to offer and can support many hours of engrossing, rewarding use.

1- Radarbox

Apps that track the takeoffs, landings, and routes of commercial aircraft have been available for quite a while. Radarbox is a flight tracking app that is worth seeking out among the many that can now be downloaded.

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Unlike many competing applications, Radarbox was released by a company that provides commercial-grade tracking services to aviation-industry companies. Not all of its features are available to amateurs who lack subscriptions, but it still has a great deal to offer.

Commercial users rely on Radarbox for its fleet tracking capabilities, for instance. Anyone who loves to learn about aircraft and their activities can just as well download the app to gain a more suitably general perspective.

2- Live ATC

While automation has made plenty of inroads, air traffic controllers still converse with pilots as a matter of course. The conversations they have go out over public airwaves and are often accessible to everyone in the area.

Aviation fans have been sharing the transmissions they receive with others for many years. Apps like Live ATC make things much simpler, as they do away with the need to have connections.

Air traffic control talk is not always interesting, and it can be a bit difficult to understand. Some aviation geeks find even routine chatter soothing, though, and love becoming privy to more interesting exchanges.

3- SkyGuru

Just about every aviation enthusiast loves delving into details concerning airspeed, elevation, and the like. Pilots have plenty of such information spread out on instrument panels before them, but apps can help amateurs close the gap a bit.

SkyGuru uses GPS tracking and other tactics to provide data about flights its users take. While its readouts are not always exceptionally accurate, they can help make informed decisions.

4- Windy

Weather impacts airborne transportation more than any other factor. There are hundreds of weather apps that can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices, but most are best suited to people with mass-market preferences and goals.

Windy is a definite exception, and it has become a favorite of everyone from aviation geeks to people who love the great outdoors. It’s clear, informative displays of information about matters like wind, humidity, and barometric pressure make it easy to come up to speed quickly.

This one can be quite handy for travel and tour businesses as well to engage customers better.

5- WingX Pro

Although it is aimed directly at professional pilots, WingX Pro should keep amateurs occupied for quite a while, too. Its route planning features and navigational charts make for interesting diversions even for those who do not have pilot’s licenses themselves.

6- TripIt

Many aviation geeks like to travel by air as frequently as possible. TripIt makes it simpler to plan and keep track of trips that will include multiple flights. A generally superior, all-in-one alternative to the apps issued by individual airlines, it is worth a closer look.

Although there are plenty of others that are worth looking into, these are six of the best apps for aviation geeks today. Downloading the right apps can make an especially enjoying pastime even more satisfying.

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