Benefits of Flyers & Leaflets
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5 Extraordinary Advantages of Leaflets Distribution for Small Business

Though we are living in an advanced digital age where more and more businesses are investing in online marketing, some of the classic offline advertising mediums are still highly effective, Brochures and leaflets are among those highly effective classic mediums.

Printing brochures in front of another type of print advertising has its advantages. This article will focus on some of them, we could talk about many others such as the diversity of sizes, colors, and designs, ways to connect directly with the user and future customer, which is a type of advertising integrated into the daily life of all and to which we are accustomed, etc.

What makes a good leaflet?

For this occasion, we have decided on some other advantages of leaflets that we describe below.

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Advantages of Leaflet Distribution

1- Size does matter, and you can have leaflets in any size: 

The brochures can be of different sizes, depending on whether you want to advertise a product or service, several or a range. Depending on the number of photos, texts, and content, it is recommended using the flyer, the smallest, to the triptych or folded poster, you decide which option is best suited.

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2- It is direct: 

Since the brochure is a small advertising document, and people won’t mind skimming through it, even if they really do not want your product or service at the time when they received the flyer. So, yes, it can have maximum readability if distributed to the target audience.

In order to make your flyers and brochures effective, make sure you have a competent content development and a leaflet distribution team.

3- It is economic: 

It is a document that requires a very low budget, without underestimating its quality. They are much cheaper than catalogs, other outdoor advertising options, and even local online marketing.

4- Easy distribution: 

Thanks to its small size, brochures can be easily distributed, not only for the company or business but also for the user, which makes it easier for the brochure to be known by a greater number of people.

5- Easy & fast to produce: 

Its size makes its production simple and easy, as well as fast. You can find templates and downloadable designs on the internet, or even there are many available freely in Microsoft Word. Just edit texts, photos, and data before sending them to print and you are done.

6- Manageable and flexible: 

The brochures are adapted from the start to the needs of the advertiser, being useful for companies or professionals, even for public institutions or associations. In addition, its small format allows it to be very manageable for the reader.

The Bottom Line:

Brochures and leaflets are cost-effective, easy to produce and distribute, and above all they get noticed more than any other marketing material. So, if you are running a small scale business that has a potential local market, flyers and brochures must be part of your marketing plan.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.