Benefits of Having Device Charging Stations
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5 Surprising Benefits of Having Outdoor Charging Stations at Your Event

Being a startup you must be aware of the importance of your presence in particular events, however, the presence, if it’s not impactful is waste of time and money. One of the key factors to consider for your success in events is being prominent and outdoor charging stations can help you do so!

These stations are increasingly popular at events and understandably so. There are a number of reasons and benefits to be had by having these cell phone charging points at events as you can see below.

5 Surprising Benefits of Having Outdoor Charging Stations at Your Event

Broadcast Brand Presence

Outdoor Charging Stations are a great idea for organizers and exhibitors to generate brand presence. By applying a Vinyl Wrapping to the unit featuring their brand, they can create a 360° view of their brand along with the logo, social media channels, and other pertinent content and start a buzz right there.

This has been highly successful not only with major brands looking to promote their option, but smaller brands have found this useful too. If they are not able to pay for the cost of setting up a booth, they can opt for a charging station and use that as a platform from which to broadcast their brand.

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outdoor charging table


If the goal is to increase the quantity of footfall, the practice of advertising the charging service you will be provided in an upcoming event, either over your social media channel or with printed material on site, has been effective at driving foot traffic.

Be sure you have ample publicity informing everyone of the FREE, SECURE Charging Station you are providing.

Good Way to Start a Conversation

In the past, it has taken eloquence, charm, and ingenuity to keep the attention of a customer for more than 4 or 5 minutes. But with cell phone charging stations for events you will have the advantage of being able to attract and engage many visitors who may not have given your stand any attention if not for their ‘energy crisis’.

These Charging Stations are also perfect conversation starters. Case histories have shown that a visitor will approach the exhibitor and ask if they could use the charging facilities, how to operate the lockers, how long the charging process is supposed to take, and finally how safe their phones will be in the locker.

Many people are reluctant to walk too far from the station charging their device.

This means they may even float around the stand or even browse the material and ask a nonchalant question. This is the golden opportunity for an exhibitor to make the connection and engage them, providing information and details on the products and services on hand.

And if they did drop off their phone and rush off, you can bet your last penny they will be back for another go eventually.

commercial phone charging station

Sponsors Love Bold Audacious Branding

Exhibition organizers have used these techniques to generate sponsorship by displaying their brand or the brand they represent across the Outdoor Charging Stations. Selling sponsorship can also be an effective way of taking a collection and also further increases brand promotion. Here are some tips.

Economic Solution for Exhibitors

If a stand is being shared and the exhibitor concerned about the costs, advertising space can be sold to cover some of the expenses. The 32” digital display on the front of the kiosk is a great spot to display any educational, informational, or promotional content. The Vinyl wrap is also an attractive ad space.

Benefits to the Attendee

People are in constant connection with their colleagues, customers, and associates across the financial world. Mobile devices are the keystones that make all this possible, the second the battery runs dim their business grinds to a halt.

Attendees need to get these devices up and running so they can accomplish what they have come to this event to accomplish. Having an outdoor charging station right there is the best thing they could hope for— Plus, it kind of makes you a hero!

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.