6 Best FinTech Software Vendors for Startups

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It’s no secret that choosing the right FinTech software vendors is an increasingly confusing task. There are hundreds of different solutions out there. For a startup bank or other financial company, it can seem impossible to figure out what software you need, without overspending.

To make it easier, we’ve assembled a list of 6 of the most notable service providers for small and digital banks and fintechs. These companies have proven track records, solid off-the-shelf products, and experience in developing custom solutions.

Any search for the perfect fintech software developer would do well to start here.

1- Coriunder

Area of Focus: Backend for Ecommerce and FinTech startups.

Web: https://coriunder.com/

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Although it started life as a payment gateway, Coriunder’s product has developed into a complete customer relationship management system.

Using Coriunder, startups can manage their customers, vendors, and financial partners with one convenient interface. Their back-end payments infrastructure incorporates a robust affiliate system, tracking leads, conversions, and payouts via multiple marketing channels.

Coriunder operates under a SaaS model, charging a continuing subscription fee for the use and support of its software. The company offers several subscription tiers to suit clients of any size, including a free plan.

Entrepreneurs looking to leverage Coriunder or any existing package should note that only the top tier subscription plan offers a white label service. The less expensive plans will expose end-users to the Coriunder brand, which may be less than ideal for some businesses.

All in all, Coriunder is an excellent way to for most FinTechs or Ecommerce stores to get off the ground. It’s polished and easy to use and plays well with other popular business solutions, including some others on this list.


  • Easy to use, polished interface
  • Complete back-office solution
  • Free plan good for lean startups


  • May lack flexibility
  • Lower tier plans do not offer white labeling

2- Drivewealth

Area of Focus: Brokerage platform with APIs and tools for wealth management.

Web: https://drivewealth.com/

DriveWealth is a US-based company that serves wealth managers and investment brokers across the world, as well as the FinTechs that develop their technology.

Using DriveWealth’s APIs, developers can easily create full-featured backend solutions to handle everything from customer onboarding to day-to-day trades.

The APIs are focused primarily on trading on the US stock market, with a promise of “democratizing the US securities markets.” A product built on DriveWealth’s platform can accept funds in any currency and from a variety of funding sources, including wire transfers, ACH, or services like TransferWise.

DriveWealth automatically handles currency conversions and fractional share allocations, allowing for investments of any dollar amount to diversify over multiple stocks. Even a small deposit can buy multiple securities, regardless of their share prices, by investing in partial shares.

For developers, DriveWealth is appealing for its robust API stack that can be easily integrated into mobile applications, web-based services, or custom back-end solutions. The platform offers Salesforce integration and a special API set for regulated entities.

DriveWealth will even provide a custom, white-labeled front-end for an additional fee.

For brokerages with the resources to hire developers, this is an excellent way to hit the ground running.


  • Robust APIs to suit any brokerage or wealth management needs
  • The advanced engine offers flexibility in funding and investments
  • Built-in Salesforce integration


  • Strict focus on US stock market
  • Not an off-the-shelf solution; requires developers to implement

3- Metryus

Area of Focus: Customized front- and back-end solutions for fintech startups.

Web: https://metryus.com/

Compared to other companies on this list, Metryus has a much broader offering. The company maintains several off-the-shelf products.

Cavu, for example, is a white-label mobile banking app that can be rebranded and quickly adjusted for use by any bank.

The firm’s real strength, though, is in custom development and integration. Metryus has found remarkable success in uniting multiple APIs and service providers, developing custom solutions to serve digital banks, FinTechs, and other SMBs in the financial sector.

One of their strengths is in UX/UI design, and their clients are typically pleased by the polished experience a Metryus project can offer.

In essence, partnering with Metryus means taking on a fully outsourced FinTech software development team. The company offers a wide range of services to help get a new business off the ground, ranging from business consultations to mobile app development.


  • Fully-staffed development house can handle a wide variety of projects
  • Highly experienced in UI/UX design and platform integration
  • Low cost compared to competitors in Europe or the US.


  • May be overkill for a company looking for a simple off-the-shelf solution with no customization
  • Clients should enter a relationship with a clear vision of their business goals


Area of Focus: Payments processing.

Web: https://www.wirecard.com/

One of the largest providers of payment processing solutions in the world, Wirecard AG boasts over 34,000 customers and is publicly traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Any FinTech software developer would do well to explore Wirecard’s offerings. Their options for payment processing are vast, covering everything from credit cards to Apple Pay. Available products include solutions for retail POS terminals and mobile card readers, as well as a variety of online platforms.

Wirecard even operates its own bank. The Wirecard Bank is based in Germany and issues credit cards across the entire European Union. The company also offers risk management solutions, consultations, development, and testing services.

Of course, all of this comes at a cost. Wirecard is well-positioned to serve the enterprise market, but their development services in particular may be out of reach for new startups.


  • A very large, well-established provider with a very broad product offering
  • Stellar reputation with tens of thousands of satisfied customers
  • Seamless integration with POS terminals, mobile payments, and multiple payment gateways


  • Costly for startups and SMBs
  • Primarily geared towards the European market

5- Tink

Area of Focus: APIs for personal financial management and account data aggregation.

Web: https://tink.com/

Founded in Sweden in 2012, Tink today offers multiple APIs serving challenger banks across the world. Using Tink’s technology, developers and their clients can quickly and easily handle payments, accounting, and other banking functions.

The company also offers robust analytics for business development, helping banks understand their clients’ usage habits. A wide variety of data is collected from user accounts, all of which can be used in aggregate to help optimize a bank’s services, features, and UX design.

Like other popular API suites, Tink is run under a SaaS model. They offer a free plan that is suitable for very new or very small businesses and scale up to custom-built, custom-priced Enterprise solutions for their largest clients.


  • Powerful analytics
  • A tight focus on banking features means a strong offering for the right client
  • Offers a free plan


  • No off-the-shelf product; requires development resources to implement
  • Paid plans are pricey

6 ApPello

Area of Focus: Loans, cash handling, and core banking operations.

Web: https://appello.eu/

ApPello, rather than specializing in custom development, offers a small but effective suite of off-the-shelf products for small and digital-only banks.

Like many fintech software companies, ApPello places a strong focus on the latest trending digital features. Their loan processing engine, for example, can accept applications via web, mobile app, or even chatbot. The software offers a complete solution for loans, taking the bank and end-user through the entire process of proposal, underwriting, and contracting.

For banks with brick-and-mortar locations, ApPello’s Cash Optimization software is effective for managing and predicting the movement of cash within a system of branches and ATMs. Optimizing the distribution of cash among these locations is a large concern for banks, and Cash Optimization is proven to help reduce costs.

Finally, the company’s Smart Banking System is a highly configurable core banking solution. It can serve as the back-end for nearly any smaller bank, facilitating accounting for daily transactions, from the individual account level up to partner financial institutions.

ApPello’s suite is small but polished and is well worth a look for challenger banks looking for an off-the-shelf solution.


  • Easy to use, easy to implement off-the-shelf software
  • Offers customization and development on a case-by-case basis
  • Strong focus on cutting-edge features and technology


  • Product suite is limited in scope
  • Geared mainly for small banks, particularly ones with brick-and-mortar locations

Choosing the Right Partner

Finding the right FinTech software vendors is a matter of understanding your own business requirements and goals.

If you just can’t seem to find the right off-the-shelf solution, then a custom-developed or custom-integrated platform might be your best bet.

Many of the companies listed here will be happy to work with you to craft the right software for your business model, either by integrating existing pieces or creating something entirely new.

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