6 Best Uses of Color Palette Generators You Should Know

Figuring out which colors go together does not have to be challenging in many cases, whether you have to design your business website, get the marketing materials developed or even design and decorate your office. Color palette generators can be real life savers in all such situation and even in many other cases.

Color palette generators use a variety of color theory concepts to pick the best possible blend of colors. Depending on the service you use, you can consider premade palettes, upload an image to generate a palette, or pick a palette that contains your desired color. There are all sorts of incredible applications for these helpful tools.

So, whether you are a small business owner or you work for a small business, here are a few of the best uses of color palette generators that you should know.

1- Create Cohesive Websites

Selecting a unified color scheme for your website makes a huge difference to the users’ experience. When designing your website, the color scheme is one of the first things you want to pick out. The hues generated by an online color palette tool can be used for website headers, links, borders, and more.

Sticking to a palette will keep your website from look too busy and random, so it will be easier for users to pay attention to what you are trying to promote.

2- Make Persuasive Advertising Material

Color is a powerful tool for brand recognition. Developing a signature color palette for a product can make people think of the item even if they do not take the time to consciously read the advertisement. Color palette generators can be very helpful in developing a brand image that will appeal to customers easily.

Once your main brand color scheme is created, color palettes continue to be useful. They can help you find shades for text, borders, and backgrounds that promote a product without distracting from it.

3- Decorate a Room

Of course one of the main uses for online color palette generators is graphic design, but they can also be helpful with everyday challenges too. If you are decorating a bedroom, office, living room, or other area, use a color palette generator to find unique yet stylish color schemes.

Start by putting in the color for your main piece of furniture, your flooring, or your walls. Then you can use the other colors in the generated palette to find accent furniture, art, and decor that coordinates with the key focal points in your room.

4- Design Impactful Logos

The logo you choose for a business, product, app, or person can make a huge difference to their overall marketability. As logo trends start to move away from the basic white and blue color palette that dominated trends for the past few years, color palette generators are an invaluable tool.

You can use them to find a few colors that look nice together without seeming excessively busy or overwrought. With the right color palette generated based on your main color, you can accent your logo in a way that looks good and represents you correctly.

5- Plan a Stylish Wardrobe

Do you struggle to tell if your shirt, pants, shoes, belt, and other accessories all coordinate well with each other? This is a great opportunity to pull up a color palette on your phone or computer and get some help. Some color palettes let you put in a few colors and pull up a color scheme of neutrals that coordinate with the main color, so you can decide which shoes or coat you want to add to an outfit.

If you notice you tend to gravitate towards the same hues over and over, a color scheme generator can be especially useful. You can enter these colors to get ideas for the shades of accessories and clothing items that will pair well with just about everything you own.

6- Draw Beautiful Art

Not every artist instinctively has an eye for which colors look best together. If you love drawing, painting, and design, color palette tools can take your art to the next level. For example, if you are drawing a house, you can upload the color used for the house to find the perfect shades of greenery to include around the building.

Simple, abstract art that is all about color is another way to benefit from color palettes. You can use the generator to find shades you like and get inspired. They are particularly helpful for digital art, since you can easily try out a few different color palettes to see which one best suits an image.

Being able to access an online palette generator makes it far easier to create stylish and visually pleasing color schemes. Can you think of any other uses for color palette generators?