6 Challenges that Enterprise Technologies are Currently Facing

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The fact remains that enterprise technologies are a continuously improving sector of many countries today. Many companies are currently making software that meets the requirements of customers, and they also ensure these solve the issues their customers go through every day. However, even though this initiative is great, it does not mean they do not face any challenges.

There are numerous challenges faced by enterprise tech within it, and these have the potential to slow down the successes of newer forms of software as well as the growth of new businesses. Ranging from customer demands to cloud, the following are the major challenges.

1- Outdated forms of User experience (UX) and user interfaces (UI)

The past forms of enterprise technologies did not require the best forms of user experiences or interfaces. The larger the company you were dealing with, the more complex their procedures were – this meant that the software that was serving them was also very cumbersome and tiring to navigate.

The advances that have occurred in technology mean that these processes should become simpler for the common person to navigate and use. More companies and apps are basing their popularity on user experience, though it can be challenging to get it right. The major cause here is trying to set a delicate balance that serves all the requirements of enterprise technology, yet interacts with users in a convenient way.

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As a company, you know the importance of the internet and connecting to your customer base. Therefore, you will need to utilize and create products that they want to use. While the programs you create must maintain their complexity in how they solve problems, they must remain simple enough for the users to navigate quickly and easily.

2- Combination of on premise and cloud services

Once upon a time, there was only one way to get access to enterprise tech – on premise. Cloud services were non-existent. However, in the world of today, that story is non-existent (at least in most quarters).

If companies want to increase their competitiveness today, they must be offering their clients cloud options as an alternative to the traditional on premise options. In March, a study that was done by RightScale found that more than 90 percent of companies are using cloud services. Even though you will notice cloud has increased drastically in its popularity, numerous companies will still want on premise options because they are less prone to attacks.

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3- The ability to stand out from the competition

Similar to other industries, it is difficult for technological companies to differentiate from the competition and stand out as unique in terms of their solutions. When you examine companies such as IBM, Google, Apple, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft, these are the titans of the tech industry – although there are still avenues for the medium and small players to succeed as well.

The newcomers to the tech sector are already making major impact and gaining sufficient capital, all through the solving of unmet needs in their communities. They will also do their best to listen to feedback and implement it in order to come up with better products and getting niche clients. A good example of this would be Docker, as they allow various programmers to easily create and run apps; this solved a problem in the distribution of technology.

4- Closely keeping up with consumer technology

Technology is constantly evolving. For instance, in the past people found it difficult to surf the internet safely due to the fear of viruses – however, the introduction of apps such as Best VPN ensure that individuals surf the internet safely without fears of their data getting stolen. In the same way, it is important for enterprises that rely on technological innovation to keep up with the changes in the industry.

The problem is that enterprise tech is usually behind consumer technology apps, especially when it comes to the design of their tech and the user interfaces – they come one or two steps later. For instance, the successes of Facebook led to the creation of the app Salesforce, which used the Facebook interface as a model for its own interface. The increase in Twitter users led to the creation of Yammer, which is generally viewed as the company version of Twitter.

If you want to observe the future trends in tech, do not look at the enterprise tech – look at consumer tech. the major challenge that enterprise tech companies have is staying ahead of their competition and beat the trend of lagging behind advances in consumer tech.

5- The tendency to cater to one customer

Numerous enterprise tech companies are faced with a major challenge in their operations. When you think about it, one customer will never make up a significant part of the total revenue of a company, however this is the case for many enterprises.

When a company is developing great software, there are certain customers that will want some new features to fulfill their needs in this product. The company then puts their suggestions into consideration, and then these changes end up affecting the entire business. Now the specific customer who requested those changes ends up making at least half of the revenue streams of the company.

While it is good to listen to the concerns of your customers, you need to strike a balance in what you can implement and the suggestions you can ignore. It remains a major risk to do this for an enterprise tech business, which brings the discussion to:

6- Failing to balance focus and feedback

 Your customers can have numerous ideas when it comes to giving you feedback for updates and features, in order for your overall services to become top-notch. However, not all of the suggestions are practical. If you lack the balance to sift through the suggestions, your overall purpose as a company will be lost in the noise.

Final thoughts

Operating as an enterprise tech company requires sufficient focus on what has driven you there, as well as getting customer feedback that helps you to improve. Just ensure you stay close to the original vision, and do not deviate because of customer requests.

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