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6 Drone Based Business Ideas To Try Out

Unmanned aerial vehicle popularly known as Drone has become extremely popular in the past few years. They are aeroplanes with less sophisticated functions that can be operated without a pilot.

Drones are used extensively in a lot of businesses but with the advancement of technology, they have become affordable for the general public. They have numerous uses which can be used to expand your existing business or start a new one.

The growth prospects are amazing for this business. All you need is hard work and persistence. Some countries have a strict regulation on drones so make sure to check before indulging in a business.

Here are six drone-based business ideas to try out:

1- Photography

One of the easiest and popular business ideas using a drone is to cover a wedding or any special event photography. With the increasing popularity of social media and the need to capture memories, drones are a very helpful way to capture the special day.

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An aerial view of the location, different angles and an unmatchable way to click pictures; drones provide you with all these functions.  You can also take videos of sporting events, wildlife, concerts, etc. Check out more drone ideas by as seen here on Facebook.

Drones are easy to operate and can provide pictures from an angle that would’ve been impossible otherwise. If you have an existing photography business, this would an interesting addition to it.

 2- Search and Rescue

Drones are extremely helpful in the search and rescue business. Helicopters are very expensive and cannot reach many places due to its size.

Drones are comparatively cheaper than a helicopter and serve more purpose than the expensive helicopters. Drones, also known as quadcopters can be reached in places where it is humanly not possible.

It can also be used to deliver first aid in stranded place. With the addition of infrared and night vision sensors, these drones can be used to detect and search for missing individuals. Renting, selling these search and rescue drones could be a good business opportunity.

3- Film Making

How often have we seen a movie scene where they introduce a country by giving its aerial view? The magnificent entry of a character or an extravagant wedding in movies were done by helicopters or planes.

With the introduction of drones, this process has become remarkably cheap. You can open a filmmaking studio and offer a variety of services to people.

Drones are also used to advertise certain locations like theme parks, tourist landmarks, an exotic resort and many more. This increases your business opportunity.

4- Drone Leasing Business

This business opportunity is perfect for those who don’t want to operate the drone themselves. This would require a larger investment. You can lease all kinds of drones ranging from cheap to professional depending on the requirement.

There are a lot of companies who prefer renting drones and hiring drone pilots instead of buying them. It is cost effective for those companies to use rented drones.

You can also earn without buying drones by becoming an intermediary between the drone pilots and clients and earn a commission. Marketing would be crucial for this kind of business.

5- Website

If you’re particularly keen in using drones to capture the aerial view of important events around the world, opening and monetizing your website is a really good option.

You can post your own videos there and with efficient marketing, they can go viral. You can earn income by selling the videos to mainstream news channels. You can also earn by starting a YouTube channel apart from your website.

You can use it to promote your films and reach many more audience and potential customers. Quadcopters are an inexpensive investment. There are many drones under 0 to provide you with the basic specifications.

6- Inspection

Drones are extensively used in all kinds of inspection. Drones are easier to reach in places without endangering any humans. They also provide with an aerial view in much lesser than human inspection.

It is also easier to draw conclusions from an aerial view of a place. There are so many industries that use drones to inspect; Oil pipeline safety and integrity, agriculture, solar installation safety and effectiveness, forestry, wind turbines monument, historic and archaeological sites, infrastructural inspection at construction sites, power line and cable inspections, etc. You would need more knowledge and insight before starting this business.

The Bottom Line:

It is not easy to start flying a drone overnight. There are tons of courses that you can look up. You can also become a certified pilot. All these will make it easier for you to start a business. Drones will help you to expand your revenues, opportunities and business.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.