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6 Effective Ways to De-stress Yourself at Workplace

Stress is a problem that the majority of Americans will deal with over the course of their lives. One of the greatest causes of chronic stress is the work environment. Simply put, work can be stressful even at the best of times. Luckily, there are things that you can do to not only address the stress you feel but also remove it from the environment.

Below we will go into 6 unique ways to de-stress while you are in the office. From things you can do at home to things you can do sitting in your office chair, let’s go down the road of improving your work environment.

1- Start Early

A lot of our stress from work begins before we even leave our house. Add 30 minutes to your morning and leave for work early. It will dramatically reduce the amount of stress you experience on your way to work. It will allow you to have more time, making sure everything is in order before you leave the house. If nothing else, it will give you the sense of accomplishment when arriving at the office ready to go along with a few minutes to plan your day before getting into the thick of things.

2- Stretch

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Stretch when you are at work. You can stretch your legs, arms, and neck without even leaving your chair. Consider looking up a ‘chair yoga’ guide to show you what exercises you can do both on your chair and in your office. Stretching and moving has been shown to decrease stress in the body and leave you more relaxed. Also consider having a comfortable chair and ensure a posture that keeps your back healthy at workplace.


3- Exercise in Your Break

Work out your stress and frustration by going to the gym. Thirty minutes of exercise in the afternoon can help tip the balance between stress and relief. Avoid intense workouts in the gym as you will feel exhausted and have trouble getting work done. Instead try to perform a moderate workout session while making sure you eat enough protein after your workout session. Even a simple walk to work can considerably de-stress you and increase your productivity. High protein foods such as fish and chicken are a great source of protein, alternatively and more conveniently you could consume a protein supplement. The added protein will help restore vital nutrients to those muscles that were worked out, helping your muscles recover and giving you a boost to finish off the working day.

4- Socialize

Relatedness is a key concept of many popular psychological beliefs. The idea is that we need people to talk to and that by talking we reduce our level of stress and anxiety. Proven again and again in research, you should strongly consider taking a brief break every day and talking with your coworkers and even make new friends. Laughing, joking, and expressing how you feel can go a long way to remove your stress.


5- Remind

Remind yourself of why you are at work and always put your work in a larger context. For example, if you are at work to support your family, then have them displayed. Before entering every day and when leaving, remind yourself of what your long-term goals are and how the present moment ties into them.

6- Plan

Make lists and plan small and large tasks alike. The more you plan, the more of a concrete understanding you will have. This reduces stress significantly and helps to organize your present and future life.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.