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6 Facts You Should Know About Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the leading collaboration tools empowering teams as they work remotely. With productivity enhancing features and flexible work environment, teams are now able to meet their targets effectively even when they work off-site.

Let’s explore some of the interesting facts about Microsoft Teams that makes it such a game-changer.

Fact No. 1: It has an incredible chat function

The chat function of Microsoft Teams has been a big hit among teams. The platform allows for private as well as group chatting with extensive features. The messaging option comes enriched with rich text formatting, emoticons, GIFs and like buttons. Users can mark a message as important, give it a title or mention another person for particular notice.

Fact No. 2: It’s video-calling feature is one of the best in class

With Microsoft Teams, video calling can be as prompt and seamless as walking up to your colleague for a quick chat. It’s super quick and easy. You just need to click on the video call button next to the person you want to speak to, and you will soon be connected.

Fact No. 3: You can customize app notifications

Microsoft Teams is a unique collaboration tool since it not only considers the specific needs of the team as a whole, but also has features that allow customizations for every user. One such remarkable feature is notification customization. The notification customization features go beyond simple enabling and disabling of notifications.

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Users can personalize and prioritize notifications, and choose how and when the alerts will appear on their devices. There are some quick Microsoft Teams tips that can help you familiarize these features.

Fact No. 4: The security features are absolutely thorough

There isn’t any other team collaboration software that can match up to Microsoft Teams’ security features. With Microsoft Teams, you get unparalleled data encryption and cloud security. With a two-factor authentication, users can be relieved of the threat of password thefts.

The inbuilt protection feature detects, notifies and blocks users from accessing any malicious or harmful content. You can rest assured that the attachments and links you receive through Microsoft Teams platform are absolutely safe. With the world’s best security and information protection protocols in place, Microsoft Teams is the most secure team collaboration software your organization can have.

Fact No. 5: You can download other apps to the Microsoft Teams platform

What makes Microsoft Teams unbelievably adaptable and exclusively reliable, is the fact that it enables the users to customize their experience to the very last straw. You can download a host of apps, not just from the Microsoft Office 365, but also a number of third-party apps. You can integrate these apps before, during and after your scheduled virtual meetings. You can view content on these apps during a team meeting and also receive notifications.

There are also in-built bots in the Microsoft Teams software that can give answers, updates and notifications to users. The bots can assist users regarding more information about Microsoft Teams features, creating polls and surveys etc.

Fact No. 6: Sync your calendar for meeting schedules and more

Microsoft Teams offers a dynamic work environment that facilitates seamless communication and exchange of information among members. With Microsoft Teams’ shared calendar feature, teams can stay updated about approaching deadlines, to-do tasks and upcoming meetings. When you are scheduling a meeting, the Scheduling Assistant can guide you regarding everyone’s availability.

You can also create a group calendar that syncs with the Outlook calendar for every member and offers a comprehensive view of events. In addition to these, you can use the calendar feature of Microsoft Teams that can optimize team collaborations like never before. 

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