6 Fast Growing Careers Tech Recruiters Should Focus On

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Tech jobs have been in constant high demand for years especially in well-established and startup tech companies and they will continue to be. The specific tech jobs that become in demand may change periodically, but tech jobs in general are among the most sought after career paths.

In this article, we are going to focus on  the 6 fastest growing tech careers. If you are looking to start your own tech recruitment firm or plan to build a career oriented platform for tech grads, this article will surely be useful in knowing the major trends and marketing your business accordingly.

So, here are the trending careers in the tech world which will be in high demand, not just in 2018 but years later even!

1- Web developer

A web developer is a programmer, specialized in anything application related to the World Wide Web. These individuals are code experts. If a website is not working properly, they can examine the code to pinpoint the exact problem, and fix it so the site will be up and running again.

Current available data shows the average yearly salary to be around $65,000. With the industry growing at close to 30% over the past year, that salary will no doubt grow as well, especially if the demand continues to grow.

2- Computer Systems Analyst

The role of a computer systems analyst is about streamlining a company’s computer systems. The analyst studies their systems, the programs that these systems run and their procedures, with the goal of creating solutions to make these systems operate more efficiently.

The industry has grown by 21% and the average annual salary is over $85,000.

The computer systems analyst is an important, well-compensated troubleshooter that keeps a company’s computers operational. Growth over the next 8 years should continue to climb, as long as companies need computers.

3- Information Security Analyst

The key word that describes this analyst’s role is security. The information security analyst is responsible for implementing strategies to protect a company’s computer system, the programs they use and the information stored in them, from being compromised by security breaches.

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Hackers are still on the rise. Better protection, ironically, prompts hackers to be more creative in their criminal activity. So a good information security analyst is someone who is up to the challenge of protecting the company from hackers.

With an annual salary average of just over $90,000, it could prove rewarding.

4- Software Engineer

A software engineer’s definition is simple: an engineer in software design. However, their role is not so simple.

They are involved in the creation of software, right at its inception. They don’t just design software. They custom design it for the company to perform certain functions that the company wants in the software, things that may be specific to the company’s needs, to serve customers or their employees.

Average salary per year just breaks the six-figure mark, and should grow in the next decade.

5- Data Scientist

The name may make this seem obvious, but a data scientist is a data fanatic. Behind that fanaticism is the highly valued ability to examine and extract data, see how all the pieces fit together, and assign some value to it or learn from it.

It stands to reason that with more and more data being introduced and stored, there is always more that can be learned from it. So the data scientist will be around for a very long time. With salary over $128,000, who would complain?

6- Network and computer systems administrator

These are IT professionals who are responsible for keeping a company’s computer networks up and running. They will always have a place in IT, as companies pursue better technology with all networks, including the also-growing mobile networks.

These individuals are very busy in the cloud computing sector, so it’s obvious that this job will also be around. Average yearly salary is just short of $78,000, just $20,000 over the Average content marketing salary.


Though the above mentioned jobs require extensive subjective knowledge and hands on working experience, if someone is willing to go to school, they may never have to worry about working with these growing career paths. And, as a tech recruiting agency or a professional, you must keep yourself updated with latest trends and know what it takes to fill a certain position.

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