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6 Handy Tips on Landing Page Optimization for Services Business

Landing pages aim to increase sales or entice leads for service-based businesses. If your landing page optimization is successful the visitors to your sight will be hooked by your product or service and this will convert into sales and generate added revenue.

Therefore it is integral to analyze, test and constantly improve your landing page optimization, when approaching the various aspects to implement on your website.

This article will discuss 6 very handy tips for a service based business to achieve landing page optimization success.

Website landing page development – sketch on math book

1- Understand Your Target Market and Unique Selling Point (USP)

At the start of the process make sure you have identified your key market/s. What customer profile you are targeting? Look at things like age, gender, race and LSM (Living Standard Measure). Gather this data to create an accurate depiction of your customer.

Next step is to define your USP which will be a descriptive sentence synopsizing what makes your service unique and sellable. Once your target market and USP are correctly outlined, the appropriate traffic can be funneled to your site.

2- Keep the Look of Your Page Simple and Clear

Communicate your service offering clearly by not overdoing it with too many navigation buttons or extra form fields. Many people believe an immense page adds appeal and credibility but in reality it distracts the visitor. They get tired, abandon your experience, and visit a competing website thereafter.

3- Decide on Your Call to Action (CTA) and Surrounding Visual Elements

What is CTA? Call-to-action text pinpoints what your customer is looking for. Direct and instructive CTA text is effective such as “join now”, “sign up”, “register for free”. Once your CTA text is defined you can plan the visual layout of your landing page.

What engaging graphic will you be featuring? What are your other supporting visual elements? You need to decide where your CTA text will be placed in relation to the graphic and buttons.  Example office cleaning service provider Clean Focus uses CTA text “Get a Free Quote” on top of its contact for. Lara Blanco head of customer services says that alone converts at 50% higher when a/b testing against other heading actions.

There is a tool available called Hotjar a heat map that tracks where your visitors are clicking. It looks like an overlay on your actual page that shows the “heat” or where there is most activity. You will need to play around with these testing tools and make adjustments to your page according to how you think you can improve it. Landing page optimization is ever evolving so it’s important to record trends on your page to assist with tweaks in future.

Placing buttons in your navigation bar is also effective. There’s a “fold”, a term used in Landing page optimization that traces back to traditional newspaper advertising and the term “above the fold”. The most alluring stories in newspapers are placed on the front page and above the fold of the newspaper. The same theory applies in landing page strategy. Placing your most pertinent information above the digital fold is important. Therefore you should place your key drivers to perform an action here, or above the point where your visitor has to scroll down for more information. There is a tool available called a scroll map which can help.

A scroll map is a visual guide highlighting where the digital fold lies on different devices your customer’s are going to be using e.g. laptop, android, smartphone, iPad etc. A common working technique is to keep your headline, some engaging body copy and CTA centered above the fold.

4- Keep Testing Your Page

Make sure you keep testing your page using A/B testing to see for example which text generates more audience attention. Adjust one element at a time. For example, you can adjust your CTA text then monitor the results, thereafter make a change to the CTA text again and finally see if it’s better received by your audience.

5- Add Customer Testimonials

Customer endorsement establishes trust for your brand. Add your quote from satisfied services rendered, include their name and area and a headshot where possible. This enables your visitor to relate to your brand more and builds the credibility of your services.

6- Optimize Your Landing Page for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Potential customers come across landing pages via their organic search. Your SEO landing page ensure’s your site is appealing to the algorithms (of Google) that decide if a page is valuable to a customer’s search or not. Therefore your site ultimately ranks on Google due to the keywords you have nominated to use that relate to your service. Use a tool like Ubersuggest to see which keywords will best drive traffic to your site.

By using these tips we hope you can better optimize your landing page to get the results you want for your website.

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