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6 of the Best Start-up Medical Apps and Sites for Physicians

Physicians and those in the medical area need to keep on top of their work and there are a number of great startup apps and sites that are there to help them do just that. Check out 6 of the best start-up medical apps and sites for physicians.

1- Epocrates

Epocrates is the gold standard when it comes to medical apps. This app has been downloaded millions of times and is available for both Android and iOS devices. Doctors use this app to research information on drugs and potential interactions, determine a patient’s BMI and other measurements, and find providers for referrals and consultations.


The app and most of the content is free; however, additional functionality and information, such as alternative medications, disease information and laboratory guides, requires an in-app purchase of the Epocrates Essential. This in-app purchase is $159.99 for a year’s worth of access and information.

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2- DoctorCPR

DoctorCPR is one of those sites that every physician needs to use and can be a huge help to anybody who is looking for their next job or alternatively information in their field or area. The site itself is a great jobs board with a huge array of medical and doctor jobs in Los Angeles and also across the states. It’s one that you shouldn’t be without and well worth a look.


3- UpToDate

UpToDate is available on Android devices and iOS devices. Physicians across America and around the world have downloaded this app because it is filled with medical knowledge. This information will answer clinical questions that may arise during a physician’s day to day practice.


The app itself is free; however, to access all of the information that this app provides, it requires an annual subscription plan. Individual physicians will be required to pay $499 annually to access the information offered on this app.

4- Doximity

Doximity is the official app for doctors and their social network. Approximately 40 percent of U.S. physicians are members of this network. The app is free and joining the social network is free.


It allows you to communicate with other doctors across America, sends HIPPA secure faxes from your smartphone and allows doctors to know the latest trends and news concerning your specialty. This Android and iOS app does require a free sign up for membership to the network.

5- Read by QxMD

Read is available on both iOS and Android devices. This app centralizes all medical journals and literature in a magazine format. You can read and download articles, journals and studies from a host of sources, including papers from linked institutions, Pubmed and open access journals.



This app offers plenty of free content and can be downloaded for free. However, a subscription is required for some of the journals and Pubmed offered on the app. If you are looking for an app that allows you to stay up to date on your specialty, this is the app for you.


6- NEJM This Week

This totally free app is only available on iOS devices and allows you to access images of different medical conditions, recent articles and reports on the latest research.


The New England Journal of Medicine is the owner of this app. Users will be able to listen to audio summaries of the articles available on this app and watch videos on medical procedures.

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