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6 Progressive Web Design Ideas for Startups in 2022

The real challenge, however, is finding a creative and actionable website design idea, and every professional startup design agency handles this very well. Building a professional site using a site-building application is a piece of cake. The real challenge, however, is finding a creative and actionable website design idea.

If you are still beginning to build your business website, check out these latest web design ideas to help you choose your site’s design.

When your all-important website is ready for design, try to base your choices on these ideas. Who knows? You may just find that missing spunk to make your site look incredible.

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1- Classic or Vintage

Using a vintage website design can bring familiarity, nostalgia, and warmth to your site. The internet is often perceived as cold and digital, which makes some readers feel unattached to the data found on websites.

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However, you can effectively evoke your reader’s feelings of attachment and keep their interest through faded textures, skeuomorphs, and old-school fonts. If your customers look for reliability and familiarity in your business, then classic website design is useful in giving your clients a feeling of comfort.

2- Dark Mode

As of today, a significant number of people are going for dark mode on most sites and apps. Whether it’s for social media sites, shopping apps, or emails, most clients seem to prefer going on dark mode. With this much hype, it’s not that surprising that more apps and sites are making designs using a dark aesthetic.

The primary reason dark mode became such a trend, and pleasing is because dark interfaces go well with vivid emphasizing elements. Moreover, it makes reading typography easier, and it also guarantees that the texts are readable.

3- Emotion-centered

Design is another form of communication. And when we think of communication, it is all about conveying and receiving information. However, there is one ingredient of communication that is usually ignored — emotions. For quite a while, website designers were only focused on making the site usable. But through the years, the emotional influence was added to usability.

Organizations are rapidly shifting from neutral designs to a design that evokes an emotional response. There are a lot of ways you can make emotional connections through design. For instance, you can apply some humor in your design, or you could use simple animations to make amusing micro-interactions.

4- Graphics and Photography

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Combining photographs and unique graphics effectively gives your website a creative and memorable aesthetic. This design trend is very versatile. You can utilize it to include an exceptional appeal and flair to an otherwise dull photograph. It can also be used to convey information on serious topics like finance and tech better.

It’s an effective method to add character and creative imagery to your website design. To further benefit from this trend, try to base the style of the graphics and photographs with your brand’s overall personality.

This type of design can be somewhat tricky for beginners. Thus, you can also opt to avail of the services of web design experts like Spicy Broccoli Media. Always note that, if done well, this style can sway how people interpret the photograph.  You can use cartoon squiggles to make the design playful or use detailed geometric illustrations to make it seem more sophisticated.

5- Loud Typography

Although typography is not a new design trend this 2020, the development of typefaces is made to be dogged, bolder, and altogether difficult to miss. A lot of times, a few words can express stronger emotions than the thousand words a photograph may convey. Thus, using large, striking, and custom fonts to attract the reader’s attention is the most effective at times.

With more devices and tools available to create custom fonts, 2020 is the ideal year to shout out bold statements to gain the interest of the masses. Variable fonts are also becoming more popular. These types of fonts are dynamic and change to seem like numerous fonts.

6- Monochrome

If you decide to use a monochrome design, start by utilizing a single color for your web design’s base. Next, add dark and light accents and play with different hues to form a coordinated color scheme. Regardless of your site’s content, a monochrome design will always fit the bill. Moreover, whatever color scheme you choose for the content, ensure that your texts are still readable.

If you are a startup, you don’t need to get extravagant on your site. However, it’s ideal to see the use of various monochromatic color schemes. Try to paint each section with colors related to the featured products or services. This is an excellent design hack which makes your site seem well thought out and sophisticated.


It is ideal to know various key concepts in design and know-how to single out a good or bad design idea. Having these skills will back you with the skills and confidence to build your first site. If you’re designing your very first site, it will help you a lot to classify your business category.

Through this, you can easily create new layout schemes from existing designs in sites in the same niche. Once you’ve set up your all-important site, you’ll be attracting customers all across the web in a matter of moments!

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