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6 Reasons Why People Choose Metal Printing Photo Service in Canada

Canada is the world’s second-biggest country with an area of almost 10,000 square km. It is famous for its maple syrup and supplies about 80% of the world’s maple syrup. In spite of Canada’s large size, it is one of the most sparsely populated nations in the world.

Canada has a thriving Photography industry. Up to date, an increase of 3.1% annual growth has been reported in the industry since 2014, and the industry’s revenue is anticipated to rise continually. Along with the rise of photography, photo printing companies are progressing rapidly in the country, such as metal print photo service in Canada. Canvas n Decor, for instance, is a leading photo printing service in Canada that offers high-quality photo printing on canvas, metal, wood, and paper.

Since ancient times, metal artwork has become a form of self-expression. Over the years, metal prints, which offer astonishing and brilliant pieces of art that can be hung in the living room, have become increasingly popular. Here are the top six reasons why people love metal print photo service in Canada:

Can stand the test of time before fading

Text and graphics that are exposed to the sun for a considerable amount of time will slowly but surely fade. But metal prints are long-lasting and, surprisingly, will only start to fade after being exposed to the sunlight for a century.

Durable and scratch-resistant

Compared to the conventional paper and canvas prints, metal prints are more durable. When the dyes are getting transferred during the transfer process, they will stay beneath the external coating of the aluminum. This transferring process is called sublimation printing. Once the product is completed, it will become sturdier and long-lasting. Moreover, the printed graphics are scratch-resistant and will not get peeled-off.

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Goes well with both the modern and traditional look

One of the fantastic things about metal prints is that they can go for both the modern and conventional looks, depending on the person’s preference. People can place the metal print in a traditional frame for a more “traditional” look, or suspend it with the use of floating wall hooks for a more “modern” design.

Resistant to high temperatures

Another beautiful thing about metal prints in Canada is that they can stay undamaged even when placed in a high-temperature area.

They are resistant to heat, thus making them the perfect printing form choice for various high-temperature applications.

Can easily be cleaned and maintained

The biggest problem that most Canadians face when it comes to printed photos is the hassle of cleaning them. Some printed surfaces might end up getting wiped off during the cleaning process. Metal prints, on the other hand, are free from such problems. You can clean them easily without having to worry about destroying the graphics.


One of the concerns that Canadians usually worry about when it comes to hanging any artwork is weight. They fear that the wall cannot bear to hold up heavy artworks. Hence, some people avoid hanging their favorite artwork on the walls.

Metal prints, on the other hand, use aluminum, which is a type of metal that is considerably lightweight. Canvas n Decor, for instance, offers aluminum prints in either a gloss or matte finish, which delivers a light yet breathtaking photo. Thus, metal prints allow you to hang your favorite artwork on the wall without having to fear that it would fall and break.

The metal photo print is durable, long-lasting, heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and lightweight. It gives you a relatively inexpensive and lavish method of displaying your photography, hence the reason why metal printing services are quite well-received in Canada.

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