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6 Smart Home Devices that Are Making the Buzz Around

Do you want to turn your home into a smart one? Would you want to outfit your beloved space with a home automation system that will sync your security, climate, lighting, and entertainment devices into one hub?

If yes, now is the time to look for the best smart home devices available today. Although you might be familiar with some of them like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, today’s smart devices now cover everything from smart thermostats to smart lights that allow homeowners control settings and monitor usage even if they are away.

In fact, virtual assistants like Alexa are not required. You just need a tablet or a phone, and of course, a good signal will be enough.

Below are some of the best smart home devices worth knowing. Innovations like these are not just making lives easier, but also contributing to the development of billion dollars industry which is generating more jobs and economic activity.

1- Arlo Ultra

When it comes to outdoor security cameras, the Arlo Ultra raises standards and expectations. As a matter of fact, it is one of the first security cameras to record and stream video in Ultra High Definition or true 4K.

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The downside is that the Arlo Ultra is also one of the highest-priced security cameras out there, kicking off at $400. Even so, it is rich with sophisticated tech, including color night vision, motion tracking, automatic zooming, an integrated siren and spotlight, a 180-degree field of view, one-click 911 connectivity, and many more.

What’s more, the Arlo Ultra is a snap to install and is completely wireless. But to make the most out of the features of this camera, you need to sign up for one of the subscription plans of Arlo. Do you want to learn more about this amazing outdoor camera, be sure to read online reviews on websites like Security Baron?

2- Ring Video Doorbell

Nearly everything you would want in a smart doorbell is in the Ring Video Doorbell. This smart doorbell is very simple to install, delivers clear-cut 1080p video day and night, and boasts a sleek design with replaceable faceplates.

Additionally, the Ring Video Doorbell takes advantage of the pre-buffering technology to reveal what happened before a motion trigger. Also, it allows you to watch a live video using Alexa voice commands on an Amazon Echo Show, thus, making it one of the best video doorbells available today.

3- ADT Pulse

With regard to smart home security, you have undoubtedly heard of ADT. Although ADT Pulse is probably much more high-priced compared to a DIY home security system, it gives capabilities or competence DIY systems merely cannot.

It includes 24/7 customer support and monitoring. ADT Pulse is one of the full-featured and most complete home security systems today. Another thing, it serves as a home automation platform for your smart home gadgets.

4- Nest Learning Thermostat

If you want a thermostat that you can control from your PC, tablet, or phone, then the Nest Learning Thermostat is for you! This cool technology has more sensors and a larger display compared to its predecessors, aside from a furnace monitor and geofencing support.

However, if you find this expensive, don’t worry. Nest offers a much affordable option to Nest Learning Thermostat, which is the Thermostat E. At $80 less, the Thermostat E has most of the smart features of the Nest Learning Thermostat.

5- Philips Hue

Do you want complete wireless control over the lighting in your home? If yes, then the Philips Hue family offers you smart bulbs that allow you to control the color and intensity of the light. The Philips Hue line can be expensive.

Even so, the Philips Hue ecosystem can work with any other system. Take Siri, IFTTT, and Alexa, for instance. Don’t like colorful lights yet want that granular control over a bulb? At least for smart bulbs, Philips offers the Hue White product at a low price, which can be used outdoors.

6- August Smart Lock

This August Smart Lock Pro + Connect is the latest offering from the company August Home. And like the original Homekit Enabled and August Smart Lock models, it is undoubtedly a winner.

This smart lock provides all the features you with the HomeKit model, but it has newer features like Wifi connectivity, Z-Wave compatibility, and DoorSense technology. The Smart Lock Pro + Connect is straightforward to install and can be controlled with voice assistants like Alexa.


From smart thermostats and light bulbs to security cameras, smart locks, and all kinds of sensors, the home automation technology today can seem overly sophisticated and confusing. Installing these devices is just half the battle. Making them work together is something different.

To overcome this challenge, you need all the essential gears first. It includes a variety of smart home devices, smart home systems, and security-focused systems. With these, you can turn your home into a more connected one with ease.

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