6 Steps to Get Ongoing Media Attention for Startup

Every startup looks for proper media coverage as soon as they launch. It’s natural with the excitement of founders as they want to show of what they have built. For most of the startups, once the initial excitement surrounding the launch news dies down, they’re totally out of scene.

In order to grow faster and stand out in the market, an early stage startup must continue to develop traction in the media. This is where they need a PR firm or an in-house PR executive. But, having someone on PR is not just enough, you have to make sure that the PR team is able to develop a well framed narrative and strong industry point of view.

startup pr

PR team’s work is not just getting the launch news coverage, or pushing out news announcement after news announcement, instead they have to work on becoming a source of news and you need a solid PR strategy for this.

The number one mistake most of the startup PR teams do is focusing more on building media connections and not working on developing narrative.

As a reader we all know that stories that are changing the landscape matter most and so the reporters look for such a story and the details on how it is changing the landscape. So, you need to build a narrative and also offer proof for your story.

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To build a strong narrative follow these points:

1- Identify what media conversations are relevant to your company.

2- Filter out the company data relevant to the media conversations.

3- Spot the opportunity to leverage your own company data to weigh in.

4- Develop creative presentation of the data that creates the narrative.

5- Spread it over!

startup pr proofs

6- As discussed earlier, a strong narrative needs to be backed by proofs. So, next is to offer proofs through case studies, success stories and market data, consumer behavior analysis and relevant stats.

The above points if applied properly will definitely ensure that media attention will flow.