6 Things to Consider While Developing a Startup Marketing Plan

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Every business owner wants his business to succeed and make a name for itself, regardless of its size. Even a small business startup has equal rights to create a niche for itself in the big world of business. Yeah, agreed that the budget can be a hindrance if planning something huge or out of the ordinary. But don’t let the budget hamper your dreams of making it big in the business world.

Here are a few ways to fine tune your marketing plan in order to improve the overall performance of your startup. Before we start discussing the options, let me explain that you will need a professional copywriter to help you fulfill the requirements of your marketing plan. So, in case, if you do not have an in house content writer, do check https://gpalabs.com/ for professional assistance.

Coming back to the ideas to improve your marketing plan, let’s get started:

1- Personalised purchase options: When a customer is offered something that is personalized, he is more likely to make the purchase in a jiffy. Studies have shown that the customers have a liking for the personalized stuff, like a name engraved on a pen, name frosted on the cakes, logo engraved on the bags, and many such options can make your company a forerunner in the race to win. So, if you can provide the customers with the personalisation option (even on a selected products), go for it, and it should let your customers be your brand advocates. In case, if you do not have a physical product to sell, you may personalize a couple of your digital goods/services, to attract the attention of potential customers.

2-Focus most on customer engagement: Any step taken by you to promote your company on the social media and thereby engaging your customers is the best way to market yourself at the least expenses requirement. To keep people engaged, you need to offer something that they have the opportunity to become a part of your campaigns, i.e. photo ops and getting connected with your campaign through social media contests and games. The more your customers are involved, the better your brand will do.

3- Design an attractive loyalty program: Who doesn’t love a discount? The best way to attract more customers towards your products is to offer them an exciting loyalty program that gives them great offers and discounts. This encourages them to keep coming back for repeated purchases and helps you achieve the sales target. See, a win-win situation for both. To devise a successful loyalty program, take the time to explore what big brands are doing and you can quickly find a clue that can lead you to a highly effective loyalty program.

4- Market surveys: It’s a must even if you have clear marketing goal, but if you are not sure what marketing strategy you should adopt to market your company, product or service, simply ask the consumers. The reward based surveys will garner a response from a large number of people to help you know where you are lacking in your marketing efforts or what corrections you can make to achieve your targets.

5- Think out of the box: Many options are available to advertise your products or services or the company in general, but our advice is ‘Think Out of the Box’. For instance, see, how the brands post flyers in the washrooms of the restaurants or theatres as most patrons do visit the restrooms at least once. The patrons might have a lot on their minds, yet they do give a glance to the advertisements at irregular places and certain points or highlights gets registered in their minds. Thus, the cheapest and at the same time the easiest marketing tool.

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6- Appreciate your customers: Getting to hear a simple Thank-you from the company owners can be quite an experience for the customers. Take time out to appreciate the customers, send them a season’s greetings card as a way to say thank you or organize a special event where the customers are invited to try out a new product launch, well before the product is launched in the market.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.