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7 Awesome Tips for Renting a Commercial Kitchen for Small Food Business

If you’re planning to set up a small food business, renting a commercial kitchen can give you the edge you need over your competitors. Commercial kitchens can speed up production, ensure that you’re using the best tools for preparing delicious food on time, a place a convenient amount of working space at your disposal.

However, rent a kitchen for a day is not an easy business. There are many considerations you will have to keep in mind, and the costs, long-term maintenance, and specific benefits you’re looking for are all important to think of in advance.

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Your First Steps in Commercial Kitchen for Lease

There are many important points to consider prior to renting commercial space for your kitchen. Unlike most rental solutions, commercial kitchens come equipped with high-grade appliances and equipment that you’ll be using to ensure the success of your business.

As such, the first few steps in renting your commercial space will be among the most essential:

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1- First of all make sure you know exactly what type of kitchen you want to rent. Depending on the size of your business you might want to consider your own dedicated kitchen instead of a shared space.

2- Which kitchens meet your criteria for the amount of work you and your team will expect to do? The dishes you plan on working on will decide the types of appliances you should have at your disposal.

3- Prior to deciding upon the kitchen you want to rend, make sure to ask the owner about rental requirements, the required insurance level, the charge per hour, available appliances and storage materials, and whether space is shared or dedicated.

4- After getting your business license, liability insurance, and food handler’s certificate, head to your local health department to make sure you can apply for all the necessary items you need to rent your commercial kitchen space without any delays.

What You Need to Gain from Your Commercial Offer

Any commercial offer you are considering has to come with a guarantee that you can set up your catering service or other types of food business there without any problem.

5- To make sure of that, you have to start by finding reputable kitchen lease providers that can offer you the quality and experience that you need. Tour the kitchen each time you find a good offer, and make sure there are secure storage areas, as well as high-quality commercial grade appliances such as quality stoves, ovens, and cold storage devices. For instance, East End Incubator Commercial Kitchens in Orange County are the best choice because they are able to provide your startup with a certified gluten-free kitchen.

6- Also, a great way is to make sure the kitchen space is self-contained, and the storage resources available don’t just cover cold storage, but also reliable dry storage and a packing/labeling room.

7. If you were to run onto leasing struggles, you can always consider renting a warehouse and having commercial kitchen installation done independently. You just need to find a place with space, a good water supply, and sufficient electrical outputs for you to plug in all your equipment without causing any short circuits.

There are very few reliable suppliers who offer high-quality commercial kitchens at a fair price and flexible leasing options.

East End Incubators is one of the best, not only providing you with the best commercial kitchen spaces you can rent, but also giving you the option of renting your own dedicated kitchen space by day, by month, or by the hour.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.