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6 Tips for Upping Safety on Construction Sites

There’s never enough preparation, education and action employers can do to make their construction site safer for their staff. In a place where serious accidents can take place, it’s good to first and foremost protect the worker as well as minimizing hassle for the company who has to deal with the paperwork.

The truth is, there may be simple things you are missing that could be making a huge difference to the safety of any construction area. These points will be covered in the article and will serve as a practical guide for anyone in charge as well as staff members.

Things such as making sure everyone has appropriate safety training to ensuring everyone wears High Visibility safety jackets will all be covered. After all, it can be something as simple as wearing a high-vis jacket and ensuring there are enough in stock that could potentially save a life.

1- Increasing Awareness

Before any member of staff even enters the construction site, they should have had adequate training and be fully aware of the possible risks that could present themselves. Forewarned is forearmed and ignorance should have no place on construction sites.

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What does this mean for employers? It means to minimize mistakes and potential mishaps, there should be training, meetings and safety checks regularly held on the site. This is probably one of the most effective way to stop accidents from occurring in the first place.

2- Updating the Training for Staff

It’s not enough for workers to be trained once and rely on this knowledge throughout the years. Regular OSHA training sessions should be held which promote a safety mindset and instruct staff on how to go about working on a construction site. So don’t wait for an accident to occur. Remember that OSHA is constantly being updated to go with the workforce trends, so keep your team up to date by ensuring that they complete the latest OSHA 30 hour online training courses.

3- Equipment Checks

Testing equipment regularly is also key to preventing accidents. Even though the brand may be of high class, things can still get rusty with time. It’s important to ensure everything is running smoothly and in working order before any work takes place.

4- Keeping Everyone in the Loop

Communication with everyone is key to keeping people safe on the construction site. This means it’s a good idea if workers get headsets so they can be alerted of activities going on which may affect them. This way, everyone is in the know and knows what to expect.

5- Supervising Staff

Keeping a good eye out on workers is another key facet of overseeing a safe environment. Vigilance is key so you can spot early signs where staff might be in danger or spot potential hazards.

6- Wearing Protection

Eye and face protection is a must when workers are dealing with different objects or are handling electrics.

These are all simple yet effective actions you can do to ensure your workers and the environment are as safe as possible.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.