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6 Tips to Increase Small Business Profits without Spending Extra Resources

Do you want to increase your small business profits? Well, doing so is easier than you think. There are a number of things you can change about your business that could change things and ensure your business is a lot busier than it is. Here are some below:


1- Use Good Resources Only

In order to operate a small business that is profitable you need to evaluate the productivity you are gaining from resources and people on a continuous basis.  Before I hired someone, I first calculate what my potential return on investment will be for my business.  When you have a small company, you cannot afford to waste anything. Before you purchase supplies, inventory or equipment, consider what the indirect or direct impact the investment will have on your company’s bottom line.


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2- Look Professional

One of the biggest factors for creating trust is to ensure you look professional. This means having an office address somewhere that will impress people. This can be done through a virtual office service. Additionally, having a professional receptionist can help. Needless to say not all businesses can afford a full time secretary, so why not utilise a virtual receptionist service for micro businesses.


3- Focus on Monthly Sales Goals    

It doesn’t take much effort to write down your plans and analyze your profit potential.  However, you do want to get an early start with planning and executing your monthly and weekly sales goals.

You need to be willing to work hard in order to see profits.  If your monthly sales goals are your main focus, then you need to concentrate on your weekly sales objectives.  If you do this regularly you will stay focused on your marketing.  Too frequently business owners fail to fill their pipelines because they are so focused on the task at hand.


4- Always Search For Gains in Efficiency

In a small business, the key to maximizing your profits is to search for efficiency gains constantly, i.e. cutting the business costs.  Search for ways that will save you $100 a month at least.  Check on the fees that get deducted from your business account every month.  Do you really use that email program, or website app or club membership?  Reduce your banking fees as much as possible and think about leasing equipment in order to increase your profits.

Practice some humility in order to do whatever you need to do to lower your costs.  Owners of profitable small businesses often do laborious tasks like cleaning, routine plumbing and changing light bulbs.  It is of course more expensive to hire someone to do those things.


Cost reduction isn’t the only form of efficiency.  Find ways of getting greater or the same value from an investment that costs less.


5- Increase Sales Revenues

The real meaning of maximizing your profits is being able to increase your revenues at a greater rate than your expenses.  In the short term, it will be necessary for you to derive maximum value from each of your customers.  To get even more business you will want to upsell them on additional services and products.

Dollar growth chart

When customer experience is your focus, it will result in repeat business and word of mouth referrals.  It is a lot less expensive to retain a loyal customer than it is going out and obtaining a new one.  It is also important to have sales funnels and lead magnets for attracting new customers along with a growth strategy.


6- Pricing Strategy

To increase the profits for your small business, be sure to evaluate your pricing strategies often.  Be sure that all of your soft and hard costs that are part of your pricing model are evaluated.


Don’t attempt to drive high volumes through underselling your services and products.  Precise pricing will attract the right customers who will pay more for quality services and products.  Discounting on a regular basis minimizes your gross margins and buyers come to expect them.


The key to being profitable is reducing costs and optimizing revenue.  Controlling costs and eliminating waste are also important.  Owners of profitable small business develop business strategies based on sales.

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