6 Tips to Planning the Perfect Corporate Event or Function

Corporate events are an exceptional marketing tool for many businesses. The opportunity to interact face-to-face with many existing or prospective clients can be a huge impetus for business growth or an effective way to build client loyalty. Some organizations will stick with the safe option of lunch or seminar.

Many others will opt for some form of activity, such as a golf day or a corporate box at a sporting event. Whatever direction you choose for your next corporate event or function, here are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure its success:

1- The Gift of Giving

Investing in thoughtful, practical corporate gifts is the perfect way to show your appreciation and make your guests feel special. From branded bags, pens or apparel, through to desk ornaments or technology products, a small gift can add a special touch that will put the recipients in a positive frame of mind. Think carefully about your budget and your target market so you can choose the perfect product that will resonate with your audience.

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2- Work the List

While it’s tempting to have everyone and everyone attend your event, it pays to give plenty of thought to the guest list. The last thing you want is to have guests staring uncomfortably into their drinks due to the presence of a fierce competitor nearby. You want people to feel relaxed and at ease, so that might require some tough decisions about who your priorities are.

3- Food, Glorious Food

Irrespective of what format you are planning, you can be sure that your guests will arrive expecting a great spread, or at least some delicious nibbles and beverages. Whatever you do, don’t skimp on the food. If people go away with happy tummies, the odds are they will have a favorable impression of the event. Do your research to find a great caterer in your area and don’t be shy to fork out a little extra to ensure that attendees have a fabulous gastronomic experience.

4- What’s in a Name?

It might sound like a no-brainer, but many people would be surprised to find out how many companies neglect to provide guests with name tags. The ability to name and place people in an unfamiliar crowd makes it significantly easier for participants to mingle freely and openly. Ultimately, your event is about people being able to relax and have a good time. This is an incredibly basic, yet effective way to grease those social wheels.

5- Balance the Books

While you might have grand ideas about how your event should look; over-extend yourself financially and you can soon find yourself in hot water. Before you begin, make sure that you create a detailed budget and stick to it throughout the process. You are far better off scaling back the size and tone of your event than shooting for a grand spectacle that is will likely fall flat. Get the basics solid, and anything over and above that is gravy.

6- Delegation Emancipation

You can always tell the young, hungry marketing cub who’s planning his or her first event. They’re the ones trying to do absolutely everything themselves to prove their mettle. Usually, they learn very quickly that something this complex cannot be done alone. Learning to delegate effectively is a crucial skill to acquire. Try to do everything solo, and you’re headed for disaster. Recruit your colleagues to contribute to the success of the venture, and things are far more likely to fall into place.

7- Nice Centerpiece

Executives and conference planners devote hundreds of hours to scheduling events. In deciding the success or failure of a significant gathering, desks, chairs, and seating arrangements play an important role in this matter.

You can select cheap cloth table runners for your tables, that can do their job of providing some hospitable and elegant vibe at the meeting. 

Hopefully, these tips will help your next event be a raging success. Good luck!