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6 Ways Project Management Training can Benefit Startup Founders & Small Business Owners

There are mixed opinions about whether an entrepreneur should get PMP certification or not. Well, a degree or certification might not be useful for everyone, but at the same time it is highly valuable to many, and same is the case with PMP training and certification. This article briefly discusses the entrepreneurial benefits of having project management training and getting certified.

The increasing use of technology and the expanding markets urge startups and small businesses to increase productivity and there are plenty of project management tools designed specifically for startups, i.e. Asana, Aha, and Basecamp etc. All these tools are great options for comprehensive project management, however, you may not be able to make most out of a project management tool if you are unaware of the basic principles, understanding of most suitable project management approaches for your business and the project management best practices.

This article will discuss, how learning project management can help first time, entrepreneurs, startups founders and small business owners. Here it goes:

1- Project management and starting up a business are actually closely relevant, i.e. starting a business itself is a kind of starting a project, so it is crucial for you as a startup founder to know and understand:

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  • Where you want to take your business to?
  • How long would it take to make it profitable?
  • How much costs are involved?
  • What risks you need take in order to make your dream come true?
  • Who you need to communicate with?
  • How will you strategize and plan?

The PMP principles are highly useful to make better decisions in the above situations as well as many other critical phases of business growth. Studying project management principles for a first time startup founder can work like a help in navigating the rough waters. Being an entrepreneur, knowing how to plan, manage and monitor progress of your business is mandatory because this is the only way to meet your business goals.

2- PMP training can increase your entrepreneurial efficiency; as your business starts growing you have to manage multiple projects, i.e. setting up the website, social media marketing, outsourcing and so on, and you need to make sure that all these areas are working efficiently simultaneously.

3- Project management skills can increase the chances of success; most of the first time entrepreneurs are not highly skilled people, but they do have innovative and value creating business ideas. Though the success in your first business venture depends on various factors, learning and developing project management skills will surely improve your ability set aggressive and achievable goals for your startup.

4- Better project management helps you maximize profits with limited resources; since, startup founders are generally the people who do not have lot of money, they have to be the jack of all trades. Even if your business has passed the startup phase, and now you are an established small business, with better project management skills you can make your business more profitable by utilizing the existing resources at optimum.

5- With better project management knowledge, you learn the true essence of entrepreneurship; studying project management can benefit your business in a lot of different ways, but you learn two critically important things which you cannot learn otherwise, i.e. 1- Starting with the “end” in mind and 2- Procure the help of others exactly when and how it is needed.

6- Your business gains competitive advantage; learning project management being a startup founder or a small business owner is a big plus with which you can gain a competitive advantage in the market too. You may also consider getting your product managers and other lead executives to get project management training; doing so will double the growth rate of your startup, however, you must look for a reputed local institution, like this PMP Certification Training in Irvine is much recommended by local startups.


The Bottom Line:

Online local reviews can be quite helpful in finding the right institution to learn project manager, and alternatively, you may also get instant replies for your PMP related queries on Quora. PMP certification is a big plus for individuals responsible for managing and growing teams, but most important thing for you as a startup founder or small business owner is to know that learning the principles of project management is more important that learning a formal syllabus to get a qualification.

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