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6 Ways the Genetic Engineering Industry Shaped the World Positively

The story of genetic engineering is similar to a fairy tale except the contemporary end part. Technology has been making advances due to strong will of people and their determination to achieve something and succeed despite the hardships they come across.

The new scientists and technologists are trying to make things better and achieve better results than what their predecessors achieved and undoubtedly, they have been successful in most of the cases. Genetic engineering occurred as a result of the same grit and determination that we have talked about at the beginning of the article.

All the people in the world want a technology to develop, such that all the good traits of the people are retained and the bad ones are removed once that technology is applied. Although this technology remains a distant dream when it comes to human behavior and traits, it has been made possible in the case of DNA via a process called genetic modification (GM) or Genetic Engineering. In this process, the DNA of an organism can be transformed, keeping the good parts intact and replacing the bad part with some other good parts. Although this technology can be applied in vast number of fields, question marks still remain on the efficiency, positive and negative effects.

There are two sects among the followers of genetic engineering, one that believes that it can do a world of good to our future and will also successfully eradicate most of our problems. On the other hand, another sect believes that generic engineering is unacceptable and has much more unidentifiable and irreversible drawbacks, which are not understood at present. In such a scenario, going with the first sect, we have a look at the positive effects of genetic engineering, which more efficiently Human Paragon explains.

1- Prevention of Diseases

One of the major reasons behind progress of study in this field is the objective to eradicate deadly diseases from the world and the probability that industry presents of accomplishing the objective. Genetic engineers believe that altering the human gene can result in such a gene which remains unharmed and unaffected from deadly diseases like AIDS. If this objective of GE is achieved, it will undoubtedly be an invention the whole world would be thankful to.

2- Improvement of Drugs in Pharmaceutical Industry

The effectiveness of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry is another primary target of genetic engineering, via varying the genetic configuration of the disease and making it more suitable for humans. The increase in effectiveness would certainly have positive effects, with the chances of saving a life in critical situation increasing manifold times. Given the kind of results it can bring if the experiment succeeds, it is definitely worth giving a try.

3- Availability of Organs for Transplant

Organ failure has been one of the primary reasons behind untimely and tragic death of people across the globe. The major problem is not the absence of technology for transplant, but rather the availability of healthy organs at the time when it is required. It is one of the problems which genetic engineering is capable of addressing. If the solution is found out, it might end up becoming one of the biggest inventions of not this century but rather the history of mankind. Definitely, study like this is worth the risk involved in it and if successful can change the whole perspective in which we see the world.

4- Better Crops in Agriculture

Hunger and starvation is a problem that people have been experiencing ever since the human race came into existence, with food being the one of the necessities for human life. Genetic engineering is on its way to eradicating hunger from the world, by increasing the growth capability of land as well as the quality of food produced. All this can be achieved by modifying the seeds of the plant and making them as good as possible. This practice is similar to keeping the best part of the production for seeds to be used next year, the only difference being higher efficiency.

5- Potential to Increase the Average Life Period

Average life period of humans can be increased by eradication of diseases and production of new and healthy organs. This is certainly a welcome change.

6- Vast Contribution to Biotechnological Research

Biotechnological research has been contributed to a great extent by growth of genetic engineering, which is not doubt a positive impact. An example is the transplant of living tissues from humans to animals and vice versa.

Nature does not like much interference, as we have seen in the case of environment, where interference in natural processes had led to world of bad. However, whether nature will accept this kind of interference of human beings and take it in its stride remains to be seen and is surely the biggest question on which the whole future and even existence of genetic engineering depends.

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