6 Website Essentials that Determine the Success of an eCommerce Store

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In today’s world of digitization, you cannot possibly grow your business if you are not using the power of the internet to sell your products and services. It is due to this ease of access to the net that people are coming up with ideas and building numerous websites every day.

But with the huge competition in the business world, only a few of them succeed. It takes more than just an idea to survive and thrive in the eCommerce industry;  businesses have to earn a reputation.

This article will discuss the various key factors that affect the success of an online business/ eCommerce website.

1- Easy to Use, Mobile-Friendly Website

Did you know that almost 81% of Americans own smartphones as of 2019?

Did you know that an average American spends almost 4 hours on their phones every day?

Did you know that both these facts contribute to making mobile commerce, the hottest trend in the industry right now?

The popularity of mobile devices has reduced the usage of laptops and desktops for communication and online shopping. As more and more people are using mobile devices for their convenience, eCommerce websites need to have an easy to use, mobile-friendly website.

2- Search Bar

How do you think customers decide the credibility of a business? With the help of search engines? Yes. And how do search engines judge your reliability? While many factors affect your rankings on search engine result pages, the most important factor is how well your website responds to the users’ queries.

When people visit your website, most of them have a clear mind. They don’t want to skim pages to get to the product they want. That said, if you want to make your website easy to navigate for the user, you must have an advanced search bar that can turn your website into an automatic search engine for your products/ services.

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3- Quality Product Images

The first experience that the users have with your product is on your website, so make it count. Upload high-definition, high-quality pictures that speak volumes about your products.

Users must be able to trust what they are buying, so apart from including multiple pictures of the product from all angles, upload pictures sent to you by clients that are using them. Moreover, create a review section, wherein users are allowed to upload pictures of the products and leave a comment along with it.

4- Live Chats

Bad customer service can have many side effects on your eCommerce business. It has the potential to cause frustration in the minds of the customer. Therefore, you should be very careful when answering client queries. For example, automated chats with no human supervision can kill your customer service while live chats have been known to win over customers by providing them quick answers in real-time.

Live chats not only help boost sales, but they also help form a reliable relationship with the customer. Moreover, they can help convert site visitors into loyal paying clients.

5- Easy Checkout

If your eCommerce website’s checkout process is long and confusing, the customers are more likely to leave the page without making a purchase. A poorly designed checkout can be the reason for your dying conversion rate.

So, if you don’t want to risk losing your customers, you must make sure that the checkout process is simple. Do not surprise customers with additional costs last minute. Include the taxes/ shipping cost in the product information itself. Apart from this, make sure your website has a great page loading speed.

6- SEO Friendly Website

As mentioned before, optimizing your website for search engines can help create a brand identity and build credibility. It can help generate leads, boost sales, increase conversion rates, and enhance ROI. In a nutshell, Greenville SEO can help your eCommerce website stand ahead of the competition.

Final Thoughts

More than 80 percent of people don’t scroll past the first page of search engine results. That means if your website is not optimized, the first half of the battle is already lost. And you can’t afford it if you want to stay up and running in the eCommerce industry.

To make sure you don’t fade out in the crowd, invest in website design and marketing firms in Greenville, SC. You can only be the top leader in the industry when you have a well-designed, highly optimized, easy to use, and easy to navigate website.

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