Best Small Business Ideas for Chattanooga
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10 Small Business Ideas for Chattanooga, Tennessee in 2023

As the fourth-largest city in Tennessee, Chattanooga is an economically diversified city. The growing mix of manufacturing and service industries and the developed infrastructure make it one of the best places to start a small business! In 2023, there are many great business ideas for Chattanooga.

In fact, startups have been an increasing trend in Chattanooga; mainly because of the EPB’s fiber-optic grid and an increasing number of venture firms. The Business Development Center of Chattanooga is among the nation’s largest incubators; both in the physically occupied area and the number of startups that it supports.

Whether you are looking for quick loans in Chattanooga, TN to start a business or looking to take your startup to the next level with crowdfunding or angel funds, you will find your way. However, choosing the right idea matters most when it comes to success in business.

This article will discuss some of the most profitable business ideas that could do well in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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10 Low-Cost Business Ideas for Chattanooga, Tennessee in 2023

1- Travel & Adventure Deals:

Chattanooga is an exciting weekend destination, with a lot of historic attractions, museums, and beautiful parks. It can be a perfect getaway for people from other cities. Sightseeing packages, city tours, adventure activities, and fun events can be really useful for travelers as well as for residents. Here you can find some more low-cost travel business ideas.

2- Online Business:

With a highly developed infrastructure, Chattanooga makes a perfect place to start an online business. The world of online business is wider than you can think and the startup cost can be as low as $100. You may start a local blog, an online research company, a digital marketing firm, a web design & development company, or an e-commerce portal, depending upon your interest and expertise.

3- Tech Startup:

The startup culture in Chattanooga is very motivating and if you’re a techie, the best thing you can do is to launch a tech startup that solves a real-life problem. A domestic help app, connecting maids, handymen, and technicians to households, discount coupons book for local stores, on-demand taxi app, food delivery app, etc. are some of the most popular startup ideas for cities like Chattanooga.

4- Bake & Cake:

Custom cakes are trending; let it be a wedding, birthday, or any other event, without a custom cake it looks dull. Yes, there may be a lot of people already in the business, but if you’re a creative soul with your own unique ideas, it’s not too difficult to grab the market share.

5- Buying & Selling Used Stuff:

Thousands of people sell their used furniture and other household stuff when they are upgrading their home, thousands of other people cannot afford to buy new stuff. Bridging this gap can be a lucrative business opportunity. Don’t worry about a lot of other people doing the same business, just find your market and think of creating value. For instance, you may buy used stuff, get it improved/reconstructed, and sell it for a higher price.

6- Child & Elder Care:

Working parents are always looking for child care, even when the children are school going, they need an afternoon playgroup. On the other hand, as people grow old they need constant attention and assistance. Starting an elder care home that also accommodates child care can be a highly innovative way to get the generations connected. Building such a startup is not just about doing business, but also giving back to society!

 7- Specialty Restaurant:

It won’t be wrong to say that food is a recession-proof business. If you’re someone who loves to explore recipes and discover new tastes, starting a specialty restaurant with your own signature dishes can be the best thing. Cost may vary depending upon location and the type of restaurant you want to build. You may also start it on a low budget with a food truck even!

 8- Antique Store:

A city like Chattanooga is a great place in which to start an antique store business. Of course, the cottage style of many homes in the suburbs need furnishings (although antiques work in any domicile). What better furniture to put in country homes than antiques! This business only requires you to pay store rent and a bit of investment for inventory.

If you are good at finding great deals, you can buy your own antiques from auctions or other stores and sell them for a hefty profit. An antique store won’t make you a millionaire overnight, but it’s a great way to follow your passion while making some money on the side.

 9- Landscaping Business:

If you’ve been to Tennessee, you know that appearances matter when it comes to landscaping. Sometimes, the hot, dry weather can have catastrophic effects on people’s once-manicured lawns. This is where you come in! One of the best business ideas for Chattanooga is starting a landscaping business.

This idea requires such little investment that you could turn a profit quickly—all you’ll need to start is a couple of landscaping vehicles or pieces of equipment. Secure your first customer, do your best, and ensure that they become a long-term client. After that, you’ll know the ropes and be able to expand your services.

 10- Real Estate Agency:

If you’re a self-starter and know how to sell things, why not pursue one of the most lucrative careers—real estate! Chattanooga is one of Tennesee’s largest cities, so it’s only natural that people are constantly buying and selling houses in the area. If you’re able to serve as the liaison between buyers and sellers, you could be looking at some serious money.

On the business side, you could make even more if you eventually hire others to do the work for you. If you have managerial skills to boot, all you’ll need to do is connect your team of agents to clients. Then, you take a commission. The house prices in Chattanooga aren’t astronomical, but with the right volume of sales, this could be a great idea.

The Bottom Line

So, we hope that these great business ideas for Chattanooga helped you in your decision. We hope you find success with whatever idea you choose! The more valuable a product/service it is, the higher chances of success it has. So, put in hard work and you will succeed!

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