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7 Clues that It’s Time to Update Your Business Signage

As a small business owner, you should never underestimate the power of your business signage. Your signs tell customers what you’re all about, hang proudly above your business doors to give the first impression of what’s inside, and act as your coat of arms to make you stand out from your competitors.

You may be delighted by the logo that was created decades ago, but bad or outdated signage can drag your company down. Below, we’ll detail six tell-tale clues that it’s time to update your design.

1- Your current logo doesn’t work well with social media

Your current logo may have been perfect for grainy magazine adverts twenty years ago, but people use Google and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to find businesses nowadays. If you’re a little old-fashioned and are unsure of what makes a logo adapt to modern media, you should consider whether you can easily resize your current logo, whether it works well in black and white, and looks appealing as a mobile app button. An updated logo and plenty of posting will help you get found on social media.

2- You created your own logo

Without suggesting your design skills aren’t second-to-none, you might want to ask the professionals for assistance if you created your own logo. Design experts know what it takes to ensure a noticeable logo. Think about the golden-arched ‘M’, the curvaceous ‘tick’ and the apple with a bite taken from it, and you instantly know which companies they represent. Don’t underestimate how far design experts can propel your company.

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3- The signs on your business premises are damaged

This point may sound obvious, but we’ve all walked by companies with broken, cracked or discolored signs. It seems that some businesses don’t think their signs matter once they’re up and running, but the new generation is going to choose your competitors if your company appears to be suffering. Don’t just have old signs repaired – have them redesigned to attract the younger customers. One way it can be done is by creating a personalized sign, this trend is everywhere, and in addition to being eye-catching, it is also easy to order. Just choose one of the popular templates from the shop or design the light art with a neon sign maker. – the USA’s leading designer and manufacturer of personalized signs, and ready-made signs for business.

4- You’ve never updated your signs or logos

Almost every big business you can think of has updated their branding as they’ve progressed into the future. Some businesses even change their names if it successfully captures new customers. If you created your signs and logo in the 70s, the chances are they’re no longer relevant in the modern marketplace. Don’t let your business fail when logo design is so easy to fix.

5- Your signage design looks complicated

Modern business signs and logo design trends have shifted towards simplicity and elegance rather than complexity. If your sign looks convoluted or tries to say too much, people are simply going to look away. While your signs should seek to reflect what your business is about, they shouldn’t try to detail all your business processes. Ensure your signs stand out and capture attention rather than look like a boring and convoluted graphic.

6- Your competitor’s signs are more appealing

There’s no doubt about it; people will choose your competitors if their signs look more attractive than yours. You might think that doesn’t make sense because you’re confident you provide a better service, but new customers don’t know anything about you. The first impression is everything regarding winning new business, so ensure your signs elevate you above the competition.

7- You had your first signs designed on a budget

You may have struggled for funding in the early days, but you need to show you invest in your company as your business grows. Your budget signs may have helped you get your feet off the ground, but it’s not going to suffice in an increasingly crowded marketplace. If you want to secure your business’s future, you need to ensure your signs reflect a forward-thinking and successful mindset.

The Bottom Line:

It’s not easy running a business in the modern world, and cutbacks are often vital to maintaining a healthy turnover. However, just because you need to save money wherever possible doesn’t mean you can afford to neglect the modernization of your brand. Additionally, don’t assume you can update your signage and logos alone because there’s a reason designers study extremely hard to earn their position. If you utilize professional help, embrace change, and have signs created to capture attention, you can expect your business to perform better than ever before.

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