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7 Factors of a Successful Business Website

You know when you have seen a poorly made website.  The site is slow, webpages are broken or no longer exist, the look is outdated, or the content has not been updated in ages.  How long did you stay on their site? 

Today, your website is absolutely essential to the impression you make on your potential clients.  If you have a poor performing website, clients will be turned off immediately and look for something that appears more professional and put together.

You must appeal to the short attention spans of your clients to remain competitive among your rivals. Here are some of the simple things you can do to improve your website and avoid the common faux pas that puts many businesses behind.

1- A Simple Web Address. It is easy to get carried away with names.  Marketing professionals will spend long hours crafting a name to appeal to the psyches of potential clients.  Website URLs should never be too long—if on the off chance they have to manually type in your address, they may give up immediately.  On the other hand, you want to be sure not to make your web address too obscure.  In essence, the most important element of a web address is that it is accessible and not too complicated.

2- Easy to Navigate. Many websites will have a standard navigation method.  From clothing, to technology, to blogs, and everything and between, you will notice a pattern.  More than likely, you will find the title of the company or site name at the top, followed by the navigation bar that will take them to the pages they are seeking.  You should also keep a search bar on the bar, so that your client can search for keywords of what they are looking for.  Once again, clients have short attention spans, so if they can’t find what they are looking for quickly, then you will quickly lose their attention.

3- Customer Testimonials. People like to see that someone already approves a business’s products or services who has used them before.  If you can, keep in touch with a few clients who enjoyed your service with them.  Ask if they will write a testimonial for you, and offer them a reward (perhaps a discount on future services). You can even place a testimonials section on the navigation bar. Video testimonials can do great, so try bringing more engaging variations in your testimonials.

4- Language That Causes a Call to Action. Your entire website is a way to advertise your business.  That means you have to draw people in with your use of language.  Take a look at advertisements—they are all around you.  You may find them in a magazine, a billboard, or another website.  Notice that the words are trying to urge you to make the decision to buy their product or service.  Whatever you are advertising, use language that appeals to the audience you are selling to.  Many clothing sites, like ModCloth for example, will use language that creates imagery, so that you can imagine wearing their clothes.

5- Create Fresh Content. If someone visits your website and notices that the last post was from a while ago—maybe even only a month ago—your reader might become disinterested.  Any indication that you are inactive will make them believe your page is outdated.  You must update your site with current information, such as article posts, model photographs, or anything related to your business.  Doing so even once a week will make a big difference in the traffic you receive. Moreover, look for the ways to avoid digital content rot.

6- An ‘About Me’ Section. Whether your business be big or small, clients like to see who the face of the business is.  The “about me” section is a perfect chance to showcase your passion and your personality.  If you are a wedding planner, you can elaborate on your love of creating the perfect event for the lovely couple and display your Wedding Planner Certification.  Alternatively, if you are a tax professional, you can display your expertise and knowledge you gained from enrolled agent courses.

7- Easily Accessible Contact Information. Finally, make sure that you are easy to reach.  Provide multiple means of contact, including email, mailing address (if applicable), and a work phone number.  Remember to include your social media outlets so they can follow you.  Be timely with your responses so your client will know you care about their business.

Crafting a top-notch website is essential for the modern business. Keep these tips in mind and make your site one to remember.

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