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7 Highly Profitable Small Business Ideas for Millennials

Millennials are given a bad reputation of not wanting to work and only caring about themselves. We all want to be able to work on our own terms and Millennials have taken the reins in this department and chosen to go after their dreams at the beginning of their life rather than at the end, like generations before them. So, to help, here is a list of seven small business ideas for Millennials.

1- Become a health coach

It may seem counterintuitive, but the health and beauty industry is booming. Good solid health coaching that incorporates the outdoors and urban activities is a great small business for any millennial. You love to be aware of what you put in your body, so be a coach to help others do the same. Especially baby boomers and GenXers. They were generations of excess. Including poor health choices. Personal training or home based gym businesses are also closely related to this idea.

2- Become a travel blogger

This is an industry that still is booming and younger people love to travel on a budget. Becoming a Travel blogger with endorsements from major traveling brands and websites is a great way to fund your travel itch to see new and different cultures. All you really need is a blog, a way to post your photos, experiences, and videos to start. Then as you gain followers, you can get endorsement deals.

3- Become a pocket organic farmer

This small business fits the needs of Millennials who want to change the urban jungles they live in. Pocket farming renews a city block by converting it to a place to grow organic vegetables and raise animals to produce organic meats. These operations are needed in all urban areas and can fulfill a Millennial’s desire to make positive change and invest their dollars into something worthwhile, the environment.

4- Build Apps for smart devices

As technology becomes more and more accessible, the need for apps to help make our lives easier is on the rise. A great business idea for Millennials, who have grown up in the digital age, is to become an app engineer. The title sounds more involved than what it actually takes to create. Using places like, Zoho, a millennial could easily create their own small but successfully thriving business. If they have to have a good understanding of SEO and can use many different companies to create great SEO plans.

5- Create your own products

Most millennials have tapped into their creative side and are willing to embrace it. Because of that, they are set to create their own products and sell them across the nation and the world. From electronic intellectual property to handmade beanies, millennials are well suited to create these and then use the readily available technology to market their wares.

6- Repair those electronic devices

There are so many electronic devices in the world that the repair industry is booming. There are a lot of franchise opportunities that will allow a millennial to be trained and then set up in their own brick and mortar storefront to help all those tech-neglected users out there who’ve broken their devices.

7- In home services for pets

Another industry that is currently in a huge boom is the pet industry. From frogs to felines and dogs to ducks, people need someone to watch their four legged, web-footed friends and family. Starting a pet sitting business, a pet delivery person, even a dog walker business is a lucrative way to make money and stay connected with the environment and ensure animals are well treated. Something millennials care deeply about.


Millennials want to change the world. They want to do it their way and their time, so creating their own small business makes more sense than working for a corporation. With this list, millennials can start today.

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