7 Must Have Features & Best Practices for B2B Websites

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Lead generation is one of the biggest challenges most of the B2B marketers face today. We lately discussed +100 B2B lead generation ideas to ease the pain, but without a proper marketing strategy, you cannot fully utilize these ideas. So it is important to have a foolproof B2B marketing strategy in hand.

A business website is an integral part of a marketing plan in today’s business world; B2B clients today are more tech savvy and they jump from site to site to find the most relevant companies that meet their requirements. Just having a website is not enough, rather you should consider a great B2B website design and make sure that delivers credibility and clearly presents information to your prospects.

This article will discuss the most important B2B website features and the best practices to make it an efficient lead generation channel for your B2B brand.

1- Consider the User Experience:

Keeping your B2B website simple and easy to use is a must. Make sure that products/services and offers are clear and support can be contacted without any trouble. Clear and consistent navigation helps users find the most relevant information step by step, hence it lowers the bounce rates.

Having live support/chat is a great way to get your prospects involved in a conversation, which may lead towards sales. There are a lot of freely available live chat options that can be integrated, and the paid ones are not too costly even. Yes, you do need dedicated support staff; but don’t worry if you don’t have an in-house resource. Outsourcing live support is also a great way to get things going smoothly.

And yes, website responsiveness is the crucial factor contributing in the lead generation process. Most of the B2B buyers explore resources from devices other than desktops, so make sure that your website is compatible with all major platforms and devices.

2- Have Great Content:

Outstanding user experience is not possible without investing in great content. Make sure that your homepage is highly appealing. You may do it yourself, but getting a good B2B content writer onboard to help you with content can make it better. Moreover, a professional B2B writer can help you with the right Placement of visuals, Call to Action, and other resources.

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3- Optimize Your Website for Search Engines:

Optimizing a website for search engines lets you have a constant flow of targeted traffic even when you are not advertising your business. It’s a must have for any B2B website, because you may not always have enough money to spend on advertising and other than that it’s awesome to get some leads without any effort!

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4- Optimize Landing Pages:

The lead generation best practice is to create particular landing pages for each product/service. Not everyone is interested in all of your offers, so have one offer on one page. This will make things easy for the prospects as well as for you. Your landing pages and in fact all the pages should be able to track user activity, which can be done quickly by integrating Google Analytics in your website.

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5- The Company Blog:

A company blog is an essential for a B2B brand. It’s a great way to create educate prospects and clients, announce new offers, answer specific queries, share achievements and so on. Make sure to keep RSS subscription on top of the blog so the subscribers should be auto-updated when there is new content.

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6- Grab the Contact Details for Future Communication:

B2B buyers do not buy instantly, so there’re higher chances that they will visit your website, go through some pages and close. They may repeat the process on tens of other similar websites. So, it’s important to get their email/phone number. Ask nicely, i.e. offer something like monthly offers, newsletter, case study, sample/template etc.

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7- Sync your Social Media:

Syncing social media profiles to your blog is a great way to update social media followers with fresh content. Moreover, it also builds trust among visitors to see you active on social media. They feel very comfortable seeing that you are accessible via social media in case the website is down or not opening at their end due to any reason.

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The Bottom Line:

Your B2B website may require a lot of features depending upon your business model, but in general it should be easy to manage for the marketing team and must be quickly accessible to the visitors. Moreover, it should be optimized for search engines as well as social media and visitor activity should be trackable with the ability to capture leads on every stage of a visit.

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