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7 No Cost Food Related Business Ideas for Women to Start

We are living in a technological age where a common man cannot rely on a single source of income. And especially for housewives, it is getting difficult day by day to make both ends meet within the limited cash they receive. I have witnessed a lot of women searching for profitable home-based business ideas particularly for housewives, i.e. ideas that do not require tech-related skills. And I, in fact, there are a lot of food related business ideas for women whereby they can control their financial matters more effectively by starting a home-based part-time business in their spare time.

So, if you are a woman looking for food related business ideas for women or a man looking to empower the women nearby you by finding them a profitable business opportunity with no investment, this article will guide you through some of the best options.

I will discuss, not just the best income source for housewife sitting at home, but will also discuss the details on how to start food related business ideas for women without any investment. And the best thing is that all these no investment business ideas for housewives can be started right from their kitchen.

Since the kitchen is the place where women spend more time than any other part of their house, why not turn this place into an income source for the housewife. Moreover, these business ideas are the ones that you can start and run in parallel to fulfilling your family responsibilities, so you don’t have to worry about staying away from them or not giving them enough time.

7 No Cost Business Ideas That Women That Can Start Right from Their Kitchen

My list of small business ideas for women that they can start from their kitchen involve cooking and or sharing their love of food. In case, if you are someone who doesn’t like cooking, this list might not work for you. And if you are a food lover, grab a cup of tea/coffee and know how to make money with these foodie business ideas.

food related business ideas for women

1 – Home Cooked Lunch Delivery for Offices;

Dear ladies, it’s not just your husband who loves to have freshly made food in his office, but everyone else. Unfortunately, not all of them can afford to have a fresh home cooked food at lunchtime, either because they don’t have someone to do it for them or else it’s not convenient to carry it along on public transport.

Target this particular community, and why not to start right from your husband/brother/father/friend’s office. Ask them to convince their colleagues and have a group of at least three people signs up for your service who pay any upfront money for one month. With that upfront money, you can do the necessary groceries and cook in your home kitchen.

Now, delivery can be a challenge, but not if you drive you, or else you may ask your husband for help. You may also hire a rider for the job. Start small, but keep on growing the list of customers by rewarding your existing customers for referrals.

2 – Homemade Frozen Food

We just talked about the problem of working men above, but the problems of working women are way more than one can think of. They probably hate cooking most, because, after a long working day, it’s really not that pleasant to cook. This population loves to shop for frozen foods, but the commercially available frozen foods are rich in preservatives which makes it not so good choice.

If you are good at making foods that can be frozen and used later, i.e. kebab’s meatballs, nuggets, burger fillers, etc. start approaching working women in your network and offer them a good deal, whereby they pay an upfront amount and you deliver them frozen foods for a week/month.

Ask your existing clients to spread the word about your service and get some % discount. Do not forget to create a Facebook page for your business and get recommendations.

3 – Healthy Catering

Ladies who love cooking can cook just anything, but most importantly, they love cooking in a large quantity. So, to please yourself, you better offer healthy catering. Start with catering to your family and friends’ parties and soon you should be famous in the town for a healthy catering service.

Creating a Facebook page is mandatory in this case too, and you may also need Facebook advertising at some point too, but most importantly, you should have business cards which you can distribute in each event for more orders from friends of friends.

4 – Freshly Made Snacks

This can be a great business if you live nearby a busy commercial area. Most of the working class looks for healthy budget meals, and you can offer this kind of food by partnering up with a local supermarket or a coffee shop.

They either pay you upfront for the XX number of snacks or else you prepare a small quantity and they sell it and keep a percentage.

5 – Custom Cakes & Cup Cakes

There are lots of reasons for celebration in an individual’s life. These celebrations can range from religious events to birthdays to anniversaries or special days.

For any such celebrations, snacks and cakes constitute an important part, thus generating great potential in the baking business. If you have a special interest in baking then consider turning it into a regular business.

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6 – Cooking Instructor

You should be thankful for the cooking talent you are blessed with because many people wish they had skills in the kitchen and they are even willing to pay to learn.

You can be a home-based cooking instructor who offers weekend cooking classes for working women or weekday cooking classes for housewives. Later, you can partner up with some skill development centers as well.

7 – Food Blogging

So far, we discussed the ideas for local customers. With food blogging, you can target a bigger audience beyond the borders. Share your recipes, love for food, cooking hacks, or anything else that is your specialty through your blog and make money with it.

There are a lot of ways to monetize your blog, i.e. Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher Network, CJ Affiliates, Amazon Affiliates, BuySellAds, and more.

Making money from blogging depends mainly on the traffic your blog receives; the more visitors means more income. So, don’t just focus on posting amazing cooking related stuff, but also on bringing more people to your blog.

The Bottom Line:

Having expertise in cooking/baking, any housewife can start a food related business ideas for women with zero capital requirement. The above-discussed food-related small business ideas can be started quickly from home, but in order to succeed as an entrepreneur, you do need proper financial and marketing planning.

Moreover, you must check and follow the local laws and regulations, because each state has its own regulations for the food industry, and there’s a possibility of a visit from the health department as well.

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