how to increase sales through online marketing
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7 Steps to Increase Sales Through Online Marketing

Increasing online sales is possible only and only if website visitors turn into customers; most commonly the process is known as conversion.

Many websites rank high in organic search results as well in paid results and also get lots of traffic, but low conversion rates make online sales tougher than ever.

Various possible reasons can stop your visitors to become customers, i.e. products, pricing, unfriendly website and so on. However, this step by step article will answer most common queries related to:

  • Ways to maximize online sales in case of products business.
  • Techniques to increase internet leads in case of services business.
  • Improving overall conversions rate.
how to increase sales through online marketing

Whatever the online marketing mediums you use to drive traffic to website, i.e. SEO, SEM, Social Media & other PPC options, your strategies & techniques should follow some basic principles. Here we go with these principles step by step: 

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1- Focus on conversions NOT the clicks

A click from SEO, SEM or any other PPC campaign if not converted is a mere waste of money and load on the server. Well, it doesn’t mean that every click must convert, but yes, by doing some improvements, we can maximize the conversion rate.

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2- Know the right keywords

When you are focused more on conversions and less on clicks, pick up the filtered list of conversion keywords. Read details about how to find the best keywords for your website SEO, SEM and other PPC campaigns.

3- Create compelling ads & baits: 

Having targeted keywords in hand, you know what to focus in content let it be the copy on your website (the landing page content). Procedures, requirements and limitation for developing ads and content baits vary from platform to platform and getting them done by the experts is the right way.

Rather than outsourcing stuff to multiple people, good idea is to have an in-house resource with expertise in creating on page content, content marketing and writing developing compelling ad creatives.

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4- Make sure the landing page complements the ads/bait

The most important part of any campaign that aims to bring conversions is that user finds exactly what he thought he would while clicking on your ad or content bait. For that very purpose, it’s a must for landing page to complement the ads and baits. Right way to do this is to develop the landing page first and then develop the creatives.

5- Know the schedules of your audience: 

Whether you are running a search marketing campaign or sharing your offer over social media, knowing the time when your prospect clients are online is crucial.

Social media streams fill out quickly and so push your content and ads down in no time. Sharing same content multiple times can work well if your business covers various regions. Know how to tweak the content for social media.

6- Track conversions on daily basis: 

It is important to keep a daily track; even better is to track on hourly basis to get more insight of your customers’ behaviors, i.e. what time they perform what type of activity and so on.

7- Evaluate the performance weekly and make adjustments: 

Daily tracking is good, but you cannot generalize something on one day performance, rather evaluate a week and identify the areas which need improvement.

Remember that increasing website traffic doesn’t always mean increased online sales. Online sales is more dependent on quality targeted traffic than just website hits. So when you plan to increase the website traffic make sure you work on acquiring users.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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