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7 Strategic Tips to Help You Boost Ecommerce Sales

If you started an ecommerce store recently, and are struggling with sales, do not feel too bad. A lot of new newcomers will experience issues because breaking into most markets is difficult, especially if they are popular and oversaturated by other brands.

An idea will work and make you money so long as you are willing to invest resources and stick to the plan. And once you are finished with the initial stage of setting everything up, you can look to move forward.

In case things have been going okay, but you are looking to boost the sales, you have come to the right place. This article ought to be a good reference for providing you with ideas that will help you make more money.

1- Leverage PPC Marketing

The pay-per-click marketing is not getting as much attention as it should. These days, brands are more keen on shifting their focus toward social media and search engine optimization. And while the two are effective, exploring other available options is also worth the effort.

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PPC is a good example of that idea with untapped potential. Moreover, you can make use of great available tools from Cleverecommerce and increase your profits even more with Shopify Ads with the best ROI or another platform.

2- Provide More Options to Customers

Potential customers end up on your website with an intent to purchase something. If you manage to make a sale, that is perfect. However, your relationship with the customer should not end here. You need something extra.

One way to turn the customer into spending his or her money again would be giving suggestions. You see some stores doing this. For instance, they put a list of similar items below the product people are browsing.

Returning customers are also more likely to spend money the next time they visit the site, even if they are just browsing. Incentivizing them to subscribe to a newsletter is a great technique. You can offer exclusive deals or discounts to people who have subscribed. The marketing method is quite old, but it continues to provide businesses with results.

3- Use Video Demonstrations

We live in a world where videos are becoming the most popular form of entertainment. People find it easier to digest visual information, and videos are a perfect medium.

Marketing Proof did a survey and found out that shoppers are more likely to purchase a product if there is a video demonstration attached to it. And the number goes up by 144 percent.

Creating a video for every single item on your list can be too much, but if you have some resources to spare, dedicate them to a few videos and see how they will improve the sales.

4- Simplify the Checkout Process

The checkout process can become a big obstacle for some businesses. Abandoned shopping carts continue to cause a headache to entrepreneurs. Do not fall in the same category.

The whole checkout process should be simple. People will abandon the cart before spending their money if they see unexpected shipping costs. The requirement to create a user account is also not doing you any favors. Finally, provide them with multiple payment options.

5- Market on Every Platform You Can

Marketing is a big part of the overall success of the brand. If you are not on multiple platforms, it is time to expand. There are more places than Facebook and Instagram. And while the two are, without a doubt, the most popular due to the sheer number of active users, trying out other options is a good approach.

You can never know when you find potential clients on emerging websites. And the sooner you get on those and establish yourself as an authority, the less you will have to worry about the competition.

6- Secure the Website

People will not bother with a website that does not look secure. You may think that there is no real reason to invest in a solid security system, but even an average person on the internet can distinguish between suspicious and properly-protected websites.

If you do not have any experience with the subject, hire someone who does. And do not be afraid to spend some extra money on it. The necessity for a fully-functioning security system outweighs potential expenses.

7- Add Customer Reviews

Genuine customer reviews are still something that not every ecommerce store is willing to implement. Instead, they stick to ordering a bunch of fake reviews that do nothing but praise products.

There are no perfect stores, and when a visitor sees such kinds of reviews on the site, he or she will not bother and look elsewhere. The bottom line is that even if not every customer is completely satisfied with their experience, be it the product itself or customer support; you should still have it for the sake of genuineness.

8. Leverage Sales Funnels 

It’s also important to mention that you can seriously increase your sales by using sales funnels. A sales funnel, which you can get through tools like Clickfunnels, enables you to develop a page (basically a website) with the sole intent of selling a singular product. Sales funnels are the most optimized way to sell online, as they’re basically virtual salesperson for your products. Furthermore, using ClickFunnels Plugins, you can level up your funnels by adding easier checkout options, social proof, easy tracking, and so much more! ClickFunnels Plugins are the equivalent of hiring an expert salesperson for your business!

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