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7 Tips for Call Centers to Reduce Employee Turnover

It costs way too much money for you to lose your call center agents thanks to a high turnover rate. When you have to re-train call center agents and find new candidates to fill the position, you are going to be spending way more money than you would by just keeping your original agent. That’s why it’s a great idea for you to learn how you can reduce your employee turnover or just keep your call center agents satisfied with their working experience. Keep reading down below about the top ways you can reduce this turnover and help move your company towards success with high-quality call-centers.

1- Optimize Your Recruiting and Hiring

There’s nothing more important than your recruiting and hiring process when you are wanting to improve your turnover rate. This is the place that you’ve got to start at. Make sure that you look deep into your hiring process and determine where you might not be getting the best candidates or where you need to improve. When you have a good hiring process, you are going to be able to get the best people into your open positions. These people are not going to quit as often as those people who didn’t so well in the hiring process.

2- Bring Up Those Training Programs

You should ensure that you have plenty of high-quality training programs available to your call center employees. Even though the priority of the programs will be to ensure that the customers’ satisfaction is the priority of the organization, but they must not ignore the fact that employees are equally valuable and hence their training and development are also important. Without these training programs, your employees are not going to be satisfied, simply because they don’t know what they are doing and won’t be able to do their jobs properly. Every employee should go through a training program before they have their first calls.

3- Make Sure That Monitoring Is Based on Customer Satisfaction

When you are checking on the productivity and work ethic of your existing agents and determining which people to promote or to keep on board entirely, you should base this decision on customer satisfaction. Your entire call center success is based on how happy your customers are. That’s why every call center agent’s success should be based on how happy they make customers.

Photo by Negative Space, CC0 1.0

4- Establish Clear Channels of Communication

Most of the times, call center employees will not be in touch about the problems they are facing and reasons they may be quitting because there is no clear channel of communication with the upper management. Make sure to have plenty of transparency in your company and let your employees know how to reach you on a regular basis. When you do this, employees can let you know of things that are wrong and alert you when you need to fix something to improve their experience.

5- Make Sure Your Reward and Recognition Programs Are Top Notch

Of course, reward and recognition are super important when you want to improve your employee’s work experience. Make sure that they are top notch and that employees are properly compensated for their work and are rewarded when they go above and beyond. This is going to motivate other employees to do even better and stay on board to help the company move forward.

6- Coaching Culture

A great culture to establish in your company is that of a coaching culture. This means that managers and leaders are less of that and more of coaches for employees. They are there to help employees move forward and give them the advice necessary to move forward in their positions.

7- Make Sure There Are Skill and Development Programs Offered

And of course, another big aspect of keeping your employees from turning over to another company or job entirely is to offer plenty of skill and development programs. Many employees want to move forward in different skill sets, but they may not have the money to splurge for expensive classes outside of the business. Offer them access to these types of classes and they’re going to be much more satisfied.


There you have it! These are the top ways that call centers can improve employee turnover and keep those workers on board for a longer period of time. Follow these tips and you’re sure to see success in your call centers in the long-run.

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